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01/01/2011 - Oslavy lidského Nového roku na Citadele

“Last night's observance of the human New Year on the Citadel is already being called "the shower of gold," and is getting endless coverage on morning news shows. After the New Year's Eve time ball was stolen, event organizers created an emergency team to stage the climactic moment. After assembling over 350 biotic attendants, organizers dumped four hundred kilos of glitter and mylar strips at the base of the spire. During the final countdown, the biotics lifted the mass into the sky, held it there with singularities, then, as strobe lights fired in time with the new year, pushed and pulled the sparkles into a tornado that rained down on partygoers. "I got it all over my scalp and some in my mouth," said one asari, "but I also proposed to my bondmate at midnight, so I'd say the night was a big success."”

01/02/2011 - From BioWare's Cerberus Daily News Team

“OUT-OF-GAME NOTICE: The Cerberus Daily News will begin a hiatus on January 24th, finishing its run of one full year. Daily postings will cease except for three weeks in 2011: a week of posts will precede a downloadable content release, and two more weeks will lead up to the release of Mass Effect 3. The CDN team thanks fans for their attention, comments, and feedback (both in and out of character!). We are sorry to go, but we had fun -- we hope you did, too!”

Leden 2011 - Druhý týdenEditovat

01/03/2011 - Demonstrations Over Water Rights on Olor Turn Violent

“Riots broke out today on the colony world of Olor as part of a fierce struggle over water rights. Demonstrations at the corporate headquarters of the municipal water company AquaStructure turned violent when corporate police attempted to break up protestors. Firebombs and gunfire ended with thirteen dead and forty wounded. This is one of many recent demonstrations that have called attention to the dichotomy between wealthy salarians and poor humans on the planet. The breaking point came when AquaStructure decided against building pipes in the human district of Xi Hu, effectively denying the residents any hope of running water. "I just thought that's how the colony was going to be," said Chunkai Zhi, one of the human residents. "Then I found out that the salarian districts were getting all the water they wanted. That's not right." AquaStructure representatives had no comment on today's violence.”

01/04/2011 - Mold Found on Strains of Sathur-Grown Ossilbir Vine

“An unexpected issue has developed after a new vine was introduced on the colony world of Sathur: mold. "The Alliance Bureau of Food and Drug Safety confirmed that the mold, which forms as a thin, non-poisonous layer of powder on some strains of ossilbir, easily washes off without a trace," Governor Vien Suchart assured the press. "All ossilbir shipped off-planet is thoroughly washed and inspected before packaging." While the mold has no toxic properties for most levo-amino-based sapient species, several reports of people experiencing hallucinogenic episodes after ingesting small quantities of the mold -- referred to as "Creeper" in some black markets -- have surfaced. While properly cleaned vegetation can still be legally shipped from Sathur, more than 60 Citadel worlds are recalling products made with ossilbir grown on the colony.”

01/05/2011 - Humans and Turians Conduct Military Exercises on Kruljaven

“Humans and turians are gathering on the planet Kruljaven today to participate in joint training and survival exercises between their two militaries. "The Alliance is pleased to coordinate this effort with the Turian Hierarchy," said Admiral Pat Forsythe. "Our marines will compete against their turian counterparts in a series of mock battles in harsh environments that will test preparedness in the face of extreme conditions." Outside observers are calling it a diplomatic move aimed at increasing cooperation between the two races as Earth's military becomes increasingly involved in Citadel defense plans. Spokespeople for both parties denied that the exercises have anything to do with current tensions on Khar'shan. "Similarities between the planets are purely coincidental, and official commentary on the Khar'shan situation comes directly from the office of the Citadel Council," said Forsythe.”

01/06/2011 - Illium Hosts Controversial Krogan Art Showcase

“The mixed media showcase of krogan creative works, "One in a Thousand," opened last night at Illium's prestigious Municipal Institute of Art. As krogan history is often viewed by others as violent and tragic, the art display challenges viewers to rethink their established views on krogan culture. Dr. Alissa Banser, the institute's program coordinator, explains: "We wanted to explore different aspects of the krogan people, from the dark to the sublime. We hope to inspire debate on the very nature of how we define 'art'." Some early reviews have hailed Dr. Banser as courageous; others call the showcase "exploitative" and "in poor taste," noting that few, if any, of the show's pieces were created by krogan artists. The showcase is on display until (Earth standard date) February 21.”

01/07/2011 - Stadion Parthinade na Voye rezervuje exklusivní představení

“Měsíc Voya se stává být tou nejzábavnější destinací tohoto roku: aktuálně má stadion s kapacitou 600 000 míst, známý jako "Parthinade", v plánu uvést dvanáct velkých vystoupení. Vstupenky se již rychle vyprodávají na účinkující jako Domino Masque, Chatbak, M.D.G.S. nebo Lili T'Nigusovou. Zajímavostí je, že organizátoři koncertů uvolňují záznamy vystoupení až rok po představení. "Tyto koncerty jsou jedinečné," tvrdí manažer rezervací v Parthinade, Ivica Folnovic. "Proto jsou naše elektronické zabezpečovací systémy zaměřeny na rušení všech cizích nahrávacích zařízení. Naším posláním v Parthinade je hostit události, které je třeba zažít, abyste jim uvěřili."”

01/08/2011 - Vesmírný prostor Rady dodržuje Týden Obezřetnosti a Bezpečnosti ve Vesmíru

“Jak jste připraveni na narušení trupu? Je registrace vaší lodi aktuální? Byli všechny vaše skafandry během posledních šesti měsíců testovány v tlakových komorách? Během akce Týden Obezřetnosti a Bezpečnosti ve Vesmíru je každý ve vesmírném prostoru Rady vyzýván, aby se ujistil, že jeho znalosti o bezpečnosti jsou na úrovni galaktických standardů. "Mohlo by to zachránit váš život," říká organizátor TOBV Kyo Tanaka. "Nechcete, aby byli lidé vyděšení pokaždé, když nastartují motory, ale v případě nehody by měli reagovat rychle a efektivně. Většina společností, které poskytují pilotní výcvik, také nabízí opakovací kurzy navigace, údržby, mimozemských leteckých protokolů a nouzové reakce. Proč té výhody nevyužít?"”

01/09/2011 - "A Fine Line: The Journal of Darkness and Hope" Hits Stores This Week

“"A Fine Line: The Journal of Darkness and Hope" hits stores this week, and the book is making waves with critics and audiences alike. Co-authored by asari prisoners of war, survivors Jiana Kintani and Bellah Ans tell the story of torture at krogan hands during their 140-year ordeal in the notorious POW camps of Planet Densaak. Communication was accomplished via a complex series of rapping that was barely audible through the wall separating the cells. The two were liberated at the hands of asari commandos and saw each other's faces for the first time aboard the military gunship that carried them off-planet. Kintani lost a long battle with the asari disease ahok fasciitis late last year, but lived to see her story in print, reading an advance copy on her deathbed.”

Leden 2011 - Třetí týdenEditovat

01/10/2011 - Scientists on Mars Assess New Chamber in Prothean Ruins

“Controversy brews tonight as scientists on Mars assess the contents of a newly opened chamber in the Prothean ruins. The opening has been a dream of exoarchaeologists for decades, delayed by the many steps necessary to replicate Prothean code keys and crack the cryptography for entry. Critics say the Milky Way Foundation, which provided supercomputers for the cryptanalysis, could hoard any Prothean discoveries. Dr. Unira T'Lam, liaison from the Citadel Committee on Paleotechnology, says she's been kept in the dark. "Foundation personnel have orchestrated a security system that keeps out everyone except a select cabal," she accuses. "Anything could be taken from inside and we'd never know." Dr. Ilsa Warren, who heads the analysis unit, dismisses the allegation. "We've made it clear all technology stays in situ throughout the cataloging and analysis process, which could take years," she says. "Dr. T'Lam's fears would be more appropriate closer to the end of the decade."”

01/11/2011 - "Creeper" Drug Fetches Record Prices on Black Market

“"Creeper," a powerful new hallucinogenic drug, is fetching record prices at 9,000 credits per gram on the black market. Several fringe spiritual groups are claiming it grants especially potent visions, while recreational drug-users say it offers hours of colorful daydreams with virtually no side-effects. But not everyone is so sanguine about its use: "There are no long-term medical studies on the effects of creeper on someone's body," warns Doctor Darla Rory, a specialist on addictive substances. "And as always, people prone to addiction are at risk. Creeper's sense of escapism hooks people on a psychological level, not a chemical one. It's extremely insidious in that regard."”

01/12/2011 - Undocumented Human Colony Found in Alpha Centauri System

“Alliance headquarters on Arcturus Station is buzzing about an unusual incident tonight. Information is still sketchy, but it appears asari explorers have alerted Alliance leadership to a previously unknown colony of humans in the Alpha Centauri system. The asari were monitoring a primitive alien species on a planet in the region when a human party approached and ambushed them, taking at least one asari scientist prisoner. Rather than intervene and potentially inflame the situation, the asari contacted Alliance leadership to maintain peace. But as one Alliance source confided, that's easier said than done. The source explained: "The thing is, we can't find any record of these people. None. So what are they doing out there?" Further details will follow as the situation develops.”

01/13/2011 - Alliance Links Lost Colony with Manswell Expedition of 2070

“Surprising details have emerged about recently-discovered human colonists in the Alpha Centauri system who captured an asari scientist. Alliance ships performed a reconnaissance overflight of the planet in question and gathered details about a settlement there. After cross-referencing with Alliance databases, a clearer picture has emerged. An Alliance source explained: "These people are literally a lost colony in every sense of the word. We're 95% certain they originated from the Manswell Expedition of 2070." A background check reveals Victor Manswell was a billionaire who funded his own private spaceflight in the year 2075 after growing frustrated with the pace of official exploration. Pre-dating the use of mass effect relays, some 300 people joined the expedition and were placed in cryogenic freeze for the journey. After a successful launch the colonists were never heard from again... until today, if Alliance suspicions prove true.”

01/14/2011 - Alliance to Attempt Contact with Alpha Centauri Colony

“An effort is underway today in the Alpha Centauri system as Alliance specialists work to establish contact with a lost colony of early human explorers who took an asari scientist prisoner. Mission Commander Jon Hayes said: "As near as we can tell, these people slipped through the cracks. They were considered missing when communication was lost with their ship after they left in 2075 and fell off the radar, so to speak. It's entirely possible they have no idea what's happened in the galaxy for the last 110 years. We're treating it as a first contact situation." Accompanying the military will be experts from a variety of fields, including sociologists, anthropologists, linguists, psychologists, geneticists, and a host of supporting medical personnel. One anthropologist commented "It reminds me of those 19th century explorers who discovered tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest. The natives had no idea the wider world existed."”

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