The Codex is the focal point for background information within Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

Please note: These entries are quoted verbatim from the game and should be kept pristine. Edits and updates should be placed on non-Codex pages relating to the same subject (e.g. don't update the Mako's Codex entry, update the Mako article instead).

Please note: For Codex entries with an audio entry, if the audio entry differs from the text entry, then no action should be taken. Text entries are copied verbatim from the game regardless what the audio entry says. For example the text entry for the Thanix Cannon says "[t]he Thanix can fire reliably every five seconds", while the audio entry says, "[t]he Thanix can fire reliably every fifteen seconds". Even though there is a discrepancy between the text and audio entries, the text entry should reflect the text entry from the in-game Codex, not the audio entry.

See also: Průvodce Kodexem

Primary Codex Entries[editovat | editovat zdroj]

These consist of 11 subcategories which define different areas of interest within the game that are key to the storyline of Mass Effect. All Primary Council, Non-Council, and Extinct race entries must be found in order to unlock the Scholar Achievement in the original Mass Effect. Organizations is a subcategory added by Mass Effect 2.

Secondary Codex Entries[editovat | editovat zdroj]

These consist of 21 subcategories which elaborate further on more specific areas that are defined in the Primary Codex area. While these are not critical to the storyline of the game, they do help expand the perceivable universe that the game encompasses.

Trivia[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • The primary entries of the Codex are narrated by Neil Ross.
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