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Hard choices.

Hey y’all! I’m back in the ME Universe again! After taking a break from ME to work on AC ODYSSEY.......I’ve decided to come back. But I have a question for everyone. I know we’ve all played ME many times but my question is, who you chose to save on virmire? To me I always have chosen Ashley honestly just because haha. But if I choose Kadien I know it changes the dialogue up a good bit but what makes the most sense? Ashley or Kadien?
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• 3d

X57 Bring Down the Sky

After fighting with Balak/or allowing him to leave, Simon visits Shepard and gives him chance to choose either the Quarian Armor or light, medium and heavy armor. Also, you can ask him for omni-tool. I'm confused which one to be chosen. Please help by giving your opinions.
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• 4d

How much better is andromeda after updated?

Compared to launch does it run and look a lot better?
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X57:Bring Down The Sky

As I am a very big fan of renegade Shepard in ME1, so I just want to do know whatever it takes to make my Shepard renegade. So, while reading about bring down the sky dlc on wiki I read that choosing to kill Balak after conversation will give 25 renegade points. Is it necessary to start a conversation or I can simply shoot him and kill him? Pls tell.
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• 3/21/2019

Relation between Kett and Remnants?

Hi, I need your knowledge and qualified assumptions again.

After the behaviour of the Kett in ME:A and especially with the obsession of the Archon, for me, it seemed as if they are confronted with Remnants for the first time.
Otherwise they would have some kind of protocol for this situation and there would be no need for differing opinions between Archon and Primus.
Nevertheless one of the Kett's vasall species, is said to have worshipped the Remnants.
I assume that to worship them there has to be some kind of Remnant/Jardaan technology on the planet.

I hope there's another explanation than poor writing.
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• 3/21/2019

Power broker

I watched the power broker play through it was hell of cool and he is one ugly creature and the battle sequence was cool Now liara is the shadow broker
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• 3/18/2019

number of Mass Relays and the convenience for the human race

I came to think about this recently. It is highly convenient for the majority of the species from the current cycle that the accessable Mass Relays of the Cluster are located directly in the homesystems of these species, isn't it?

There are many dormant Relays throughout the galaxy according to the lore, but it's really suprising that the most advanced species do have an accessable Relay right in front of them.

This bears the question:

Is there really only one Relay per Cluster? If so, what if a sentient space faring species evolved on, say Alpha Centauri and not Sol III, they had to search the whole Local Cluster and would've to stumble across the Charon Relay just by chance, wouldn't they?

From the perspective of an AI that is trying to maximize the efficiency of the harvest, this is illogical and a waste of time and ressources.

If there is a Relay in every system in the galaxy, well good luck in repairing them all..... I'm getting headaches just thinking about the tedious mineral scanning to collect all the Eezo needed for the billions of cores.

Makes not much of a sense either.

So I think, there is a significant number of Relays per cluster, but they are movable just like the Citadel, and the Reapers do reposition them, say 2 cycles in advance, towards systems where highly developed species can be found 100k years later.

That said, the Charon relay was repositioned after the Harvest of the Inusannon and their respective cycle towards the later to be known Sol System, just like they did with Palaven, Surkesh, Tuchanka, Rannoch, Thessia aso.

This way, the follow up cycle (here Protheans) could stumble across those lesser species too, without the Reapers raising suspicion about their true intentions. Otherwise the Mars Archives would've been of Reaper origin, which they clearly aren't.

What do you think?

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• 3/18/2019

Another Species Story?

Now I’m not gonna lie, I liked both stories being taken place by Humans, even Andromedas story was good. However, wouldn’t it be better to see another Mass Effect in another’s POV in the MEU?

Leave thoughts in the comment section and say which Alien species deserve their own Story game
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• 3/17/2019

If you like 23FPS

A friendly heads up to anyone looking to take advantage, mass effect 2 and 3 are on sale with an xbox live gold subscription.
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• 3/15/2019

Power of the HEADBUTT

Ok for all of those who played MASS EFFECT 3’s Multiplayers, and played as one of the Krogens, can we all admit that headbutting the enemy is the most satisfying and most hilarious way to kill a enemy with one shot?
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• 3/14/2019

Shepard running to the beam

When shepard was running to the beam and when harbinger fired it's Laser, how come shepard survived?
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• 3/14/2019

Free DLC in Mass effect Trilogy combined pack?

Hey guys, I have been mass effect for a couple of months now, yet I have not figured out how to get the DLC packs for mass effect 2 and 3 for free. When I purchased the three games together, on Tue description card it was mentioned the DLC is available for me free of cost. But turns out that none of it is. I also checked in PlayStation store via starting the game and externally. But I have made no progress. Please guys clarify whether any DLC is free for combo pack of is it something I need to worry about my money now?
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• 3/13/2019

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer VS. Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer?

Honestly I played both multiplayers but was alittle curious of which was better....opinions?
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• 3/10/2019

Reaper Indoctrination in andromeda

Could the Reaper's Indoctrination work so far across dark space? Could Jien Garson's killer have been Indoctrinated?
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• 3/9/2019

Do you want to see Geth in Andromeda?

How would they handle jardaan technology? Is it even above their knowledge? Would they just plug in and understand everything? Or would they have the same restrictions as the Initiative has, because Geth are missing an organic component?

Thanks for your opinion :)
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• 3/8/2019


I drew this on a computer at school. How does my love look🙃
Post image
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• 3/8/2019

Mass Effect Character Import

Ok, so I played as vanguard for ME1, then I imported that character into ME2, however, I’m about to go into ME3 but I want to be an Adept. Is there any way to import my ME1/2 account into ME3, and if there is is there any possible way to change its class? If there’s not, is there a way to select all the decisions I want and would there be any downsides or things I’m missing for not importing?
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• 3/6/2019

He's secretly indoctrinated

Ok this kid is obviously a Banshee.
fbi agents on Instagram: “He deserved it ngl. Follow for more! -⠀⠀ -⠀⠀ -⠀⠀ #rocketfuelcantmeltdankmemes #cancer #911didbush #bushdid911 #oof #urmomgay…”
fbi agents on Instagram: “He deserved it ngl. Follow for more! -⠀⠀ -⠀⠀ -⠀⠀ #rocketfuelcantmeltdankmemes #cancer #911didbush… Instagram
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• 3/5/2019


How high does your Renegade score have to be in order to pick Morinth over Samara? Also in ME3 I know she appears as a Banshee in the last run at the Crucible but does she show up in the mission that Samara does in ME3 at the Arkdat Yashi temple?
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• 3/5/2019

Mass Effect Weapon Loadout

What was everyone’s weapons they used in the campaign of mass effect 3. Rate which ones were the worst or the best. What was your “bread and butter” weapon?

My loadout Started off with the Cerberus Harrier, (Rifle) Indra, (Sniper) and Phanlax. (Pistol) Then I had Phaestron, Indra, and Phanlax. I replaced the Phanlax with the arc pistol, and then for the Citadel DLC onward I had the Lancer, Indra, and Arc Pistol.

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