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• 11/17/2016

Shepard's Alive

I think everyone knows, that at the end of ME3 when you chose correct ending (there is only one, according to really trustworthy Indoctrination Theory) Shepard wakes up on the ground.
Do you think that it will be continued some time in the future?
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• 11/22/2016
The modified ending was only included to pacify the fan community. Bioware have been clear that ME3 was the end. of. the. story. for Cmdr Shepard.

End of the day Bioware are a victim of their own story. If the good commander could be brought back in ME2 thanks to Cerebus' Lazarus Project and the Citadel DLC had another Shep clone then the ME3 ending becomes all the more stupid.

After having played all three instalments dozens of times, I still don't understand why I couldn't have been rewarded with a happy ending. Guess I'm still looking for my emotional investment in the Shepard character to actually mean something.

• 11/22/2016
" I still don't understand why I couldn't have been rewarded with a happy ending. "

Becoming Space Jesus the galactic savior, remembered ever after as the legendary Shepherd, isn't reward enough?

I'm rather non-plussed that so many folks seem to use the term "good ending" (or even "correct ending") for a path which destroys *everything* we have both learned and established over 3 games with regard to Shepard's character and turns him/her into a sociopathic mass murderer, willing to commit genocide and kill a friend just to save his/her own sorry ass. Um, NO. Shepard is willing to die to save what he loves. The Red option isn't just Renegade, it's ultra-renegade crossing over into psychopath territory: Shepard becomes Morinth.

I'll take Control, especially the EC "immortal godlike guardian" version, every time. (The green option doesn't even belong, it's like they cut-and-pasted it in from the Deus Ex universe).
• 11/30/2016
Wchicklin, you've become Indoctrinated. There is no Control. There is no Synthesis. Since the beginning of the story, you were looking for means to Destroy the Reapers. During these three games the writers did show you, what are the outcomes of those two Indoctrination endings. Saren fell because he wanted to live in Synthesis, and TIM fell to the idea of Control.

That all despite the fact that there is no actual choice. This whole Crucible scene takes place in Shepard's mind and only after choosing the non-Indoctrinated outcome (Destroy) Shepard wakes up under a pile of everything after being attacked by Harbinger.

THAT's what it is and THAT's the only logical explanation. I really think that BioWare HAD that planned (despite for what they say) and they WILL use that in the future.
• 12/2/2016
Sorry, the "indoctrination" fan-theory is a load of ret-conned cobblers.
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