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• 12/7/2016

Mass Effect 2/3 save question

Hey guys
I've got into Mass Effect 3 again and I was wondering, Is it possible to use a Mass Effect 2 save as an Import for mass effect 3 without having a copy of Mass Effect 2?
If so, how would one do it? I've seen a lot of chatter about a specific post on the Bioware forums but they have been removed and as such I'm still without any info?
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• 12/8/2016
Mass Effect 3 has a default save for whoever doesn't transfer one from Mass Effect 2.

There is also which lets you make the decisions of the previous game
Mass Effect: Genesis 2
Mass Effect: Genesis 2 Mass Effect Wiki
• 12/9/2016
I played thru ME3 by itself, then with the Genesis 2 DLC before buying ME2. It's surprising what does change and what limited options u have with just ME3 compared to the DLC or ME2. Decisions from ME2 are defaulted and NPCs including former squadmates don't make appearances in ME3 alone. The DLC adds 5 major decisions from ME2 storyline and includes that as a ME2 import to ME3.
• 12/9/2016
Create a Mass Effect 2 saves folder. My Documents --> Bioware --> Mass Effect 2 --> Save Put the file in there, should let you load it into ME3
• 12/15/2016
You cant play mass effect 2 but if you still have a save game from me2 you should be able to
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