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Shamus mcfitzy
Chicken Mike
• 12/11/2016

Controlling Death

If I want spscific characters to die, should I do it? What I mean is, I don't like the idea of everyone surviving, then coming back in ME3. Who should I kill off on my team, and who should I let live, and how?
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Shamus mcfitzy
Chicken Mike
• 12/12/2016
If your in ME2 it will be easy to kill off who you want on the final suicide mission. Just miss match the roles and they shouldn't survive. Or just don't do some of their loyalty missions.
• 12/12/2016
The one you should let die without ANY sort of percussio, it's Jacob Taylor. When he volunteers to enter the tube at the Collector base, just let him, save yourself the trouble.
• 12/13/2016
Here's a guide if you want to try to intentionally lose someone:

I wouldn't suggest killing off Garrus, Tali, Legion, Mordin, Miranda, or Jack because they have really large or fairly large roles in ME3. The other 6 have minor, but game-altering, effects, so if you're looking for drama, with minor repercussions, those are the more expendable ones. Jacob, in particular. lol
• 12/15/2016
Most of those characters are still expendable though because they are simply replaced by people you don't know in ME3. In other words, those roles are still mostly filled. Just by people that weren't squaddies in the previous games.
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