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• 12/17/2016

Thought of a cool idea...

So in Mass Effect 3, if your squad and Shephard die in Mass Effect 2, you can't import your character. Well what if you could? What if Cerberus remade you again, and it was easier now because they know how to do it. What if instead of fighting for the Alliance, you worked with Cerberus with new endings, weapons, and companions. Missions would be different, or you would be on different sides. I think something like this would've been cool for those who suffered in Mass Effect 2.
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• 12/19/2016
I don't think this a good idea. If Shepard die, Cerberus can't get he's body because Collectors would be still in their base. And IF Cerberus would recover Shepard's body, they probably install chip in he's brain to control. And since every Cerberus enhancement based on reaper's technology, Shepard would turn into mindless husk
• 1/7/2017
I don't think that's a good idea. Great creativity but maybe I don't know I would have regrets
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