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• 12/27/2016

anti hudk skills

is it me cause every time a group of husk just run up just wanting to get niva blasted or carnaged to death or am i addicted to those skills
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• 12/27/2016
Well Husks are mindless melee creatures... so what else is there for them to do than running straight at you in the hope to overwhelm you in numbers?

The Vanguards Nova is like the sentinels Tech Armor explosion, although you have to trigger it by yourself, while the Tech Armor exploded on enough incomming damage, at least in ME 2.

Bacause no husk got defences in ME3, no matter the difficulty level, every class can cruhs them easily. Group biotic pulls, various explosions (cryo, fire, tech, biotic), group freeze..... ME3 is far more fast paced than its predecessors... and massive areal damage skills for especially implemented for that kind of theatre. And they are fun, so nothing to be ashamed of being addicted to novaguard.

But it is hard if you want to switch to a ME2 style Vanguard in ME3, which is fun aswell, depending on your cooldowns. Pull Charge Pull Charge for example creates various biotic explosions, or dark channel and......

tl:dr Husks are stupid melee and there are plenty ways to get rid of them. So use whatever you like.
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