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This template will format both an image and an audio clip for codex entries. Both are optional, as some codex entries are narrated that do not contain pictures. This template is largely redundant without any audio, however.


image (optional)
  • File name for the image associated with the codex entry. Leave blank for none.
imagewidth (optional, default 211px)
  • Width that the image should be
audio (optional)
  • File name of the audio for this codex entry. Leave blank for none.
description (optional, default same as audio)
  • Description of this Codex entry. Should be kept short, such as "Narrated Entry: Tuchanka"
float (optional, defaults to left)
  • Which side the box should float to. Acceptable values are right, left, or none.


 |image       = <File name for image>
 |imagewidth  = <Width of the image>
 |audio       = <File name for the audio>
 |description = <Description of the audio entry>
 |float       = <side of the page the box should float to>

Default Values

 |image       =
 |imagewidth  =
 |audio       =
 |description =
 |float       =