Location: Milky WayRosetta NebulaAlpha Draconis System First planet

Prerequisite: Acquisition of Jacob: The Gift of Greatness (Mass Effect 2)


Named after an asari scientist, this remote planet appears to have been on the list of forbidden mass relays that led to uncharted space. The little data available comes from one far-off probe flyby that reports two planets orbiting a white dwarf star.

Your own scans yield far more interesting results. The planet is within the habitable zone of the star. It has oceans of liquid water and a thin nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere consistent with carbon-based plant life. It is possible this is an as-yet-unexplored garden world.

Codex EntryEdit

Humans detected Aeia as an Earth-type world via telemetry in 2165. After probe surveys indicated life -- lush vegetation, ample fresh water and breathable air -- the Alliance upgraded the planet to a garden-world colonization priority. Commanded by Captain Ronald Taylor, the crew of Alliance survey vessel Hugo Gernsback made planetfall on the jungle world in 2173. Soon after, ship transmissions inexplicably stopped. While the precise fate of the Hugo Gernsback command and crew is unknown, they are presumed killed in action and their vessel destroyed.


Mineral DepositsEdit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 8,600
Platinum High 12,700
Iridium Medium 6,100
Element Zero Low 2,800


  • Aeia's moons
    Aeia has 4 visible moons by the time of Shepard's visit: two by the sun, and two more in the opposite direction. The latter two are obscured by cliffs during most of the mission, but they can be seen with great difficulty on certain locations (or alternatively, with console commands).
  • The Codex entry for Aeia conflicts with the story discovered during the Gift of Greatness mission. While the Codex article claims Ronald Taylor was the Captain of the Gernsback, during the mission it is stated that he was second in command, assuming the title of Acting Captain only after the Gernsback's actual Captain, Harris Fairchild, perished in the crash.
  • The name Aeia may be based on Aiea, an area on Honolulu close to Pearl City and Moanalua.
  • Aei (ἀεί) means "always/ever" in Ancient Greek. The name of the planet may refer the lengthy delay between the ship's crash and the activation of the beacon.
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