Bekke mission

When you arrive to investigate the army gathering on the rainy mining colony of Bekke, your ship immediately comes under gunfire as Miranda picks up strange readings from the planet.

Investigate the strange readings on Bekke mining colony.

Number of Combat Zone : 6

Walkthrough Edit

In the first beginning of the mission, a short cinematic will show Jacob's arrival on Bekke aboard his ship. Once there, he is directly pinned down by the batarian terrorists and Miranda contacts him to warm him about strange readings on the scanner. When the radio chat is over, Jacob engages the batarians during four combat zones. There, you will encounter a bunch of Terrorists supported by Terrorist Elites.

Combat Zone 1 Edit

Bekke mission CZ1

Combat Zone 3 Edit

Bekke mission CZ3

Combat Zone 2 Edit

Bekke mission CZ2

Combat Zone 4 Edit

Bekke mission CZ4

Once more, Miranda contacts Jacob to give him precious intels. The strange readings are getting stronger and she can't guarantee that Jacob is safe. Nevertheless, Jacob will continue his progression throughout the facility in the two lasts combat zones. You will have to fight against the same adversaries in the fifth zones to finally confront a Terrorist Leader with his four bodyguards in the last zone.

Combat Zone 5 Edit

Bekke mission CZ5

Combat Zone 6 Edit

Bekke mission CZ6

When the last combat zone is cleared, a last contact with Miranda occurs where Jacob explains his suffering due to the Element Zero stockpiled nearby. Thus Miranda launches an extraction to collect the eezo and to get Jacob out of there.

Note: The completion of this mission will upgrade your biotic stasis.

Enemies Edit

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