A formula for hope

You have followed one of Miranda's lead to Ahn'Kedar Orbital Platform, where it's rumored the batarians are holding scientists kidnapped from nearby settlements. Upon docking on Ahn'Kedar, you meet the bloodthirsty krogan Nax, who is there to rescue an asari scientist named Batha.

Explore Ahn'Kedar and rescue the kidnapped scientists.

Number of Combat Zone : 6

Walkthrough Edit

In the first cinematic of the mission you will see the arrival of Jacob on the Orbital Platform. He is welcomed by a batarian who asks him to leave the platform. When he pulls his gun out, he and his fellow guards are eliminated by the krogan Nax. After the fight, Jacob engage a discussion with the krogan. Nax informs Jacob of his intention to rescue captive scientists being held on the station. Jacob and Nax then realize their goals are similar and split up to cover more ground. Following the discussion, Miranda will contact Jacob to warm him that he should keep an eye on the krogan.

In the end of this introduction, you will have to fight your way in the orbital platform throughout five combat zones. Most of them are filled with batarian Terrorists alongside several Terrorist Elites and Terrorist Leaders who can be more dangerous. However the second one is protected by three Robots, do not hesitate to use a specific tactic to deal with it as it can be more mobile than most adversaries.

Combat Zone 1 Edit

A formula for hope CZ1

Combat Zone 3 Edit

A formula for hope CZ3

Combat Zone 5 Edit

A formula for hope CZ5

Combat Zone 2 Edit

A formula for hope CZ2

Combat Zone 4 Edit

A formula for hope CZ4

When the fifth combat zone is cleaned, you will meet another batarian terrorist leader. He and his men were running from the krogan Nax and think that they are safe now. When they finally remark Jacob, they will instantly attack him and you will then face five enraged batarian terrorists.

Combat Zone 6 Edit

A formula for hope CZ6

After the fight you will meet Doctor Hendricks, a human scientist kidnapped by the batarian to work on a cure for the bioweapon they planned to use on the Council. You will have to convince him to leave the facility with you in order to finish the cure to save the Council from his terrorist kidnappers. When he accepts a cinematic is launched when you can see Nax carrying the asari scientist Batha while running from several batarian. With your help everybody finally escapes in your shuttle giving you the opportunity to start a discussion with Batha. She will also agree to help for the cure but she needs a large amount of unrefined Element Zero.

Note: The completion of this mission will upgrade your shield overload.

Enemies Edit

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