Embattled Resistance fighters could use reinforcements in a firefight against kett forces. Help them drive off the enemy.

Acquisition Edit

The mission is automatically started when travelling in the eastern part of Voeld and Pathfinder Ryder gets close to the location of the fight. Head directly east of Techiix and SAM alerts Ryder about heavy weapons fire nearby and marks the location on the map. At the location where SAM tells Ryder that he detects heavy fire, a Kett Core Encryption Tech can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange. The location of the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconis south of the kett device.

Note: This mission is not shown in the Journal.

Help Resistance Fighters Defeat The Kett Edit

Eliminate the kett forces.

Speak With The Resistance Team's Leader Edit

Speak to Juusov and he is not especially grateful for the help. He tells Ryder that other angara will not treat Ryder so well.

Rewards Edit

  • None
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