MEA Journal - Kadara
A turian named Thrasia sold you the navpoint for a weapons cache stolen from the Nexus.

Acquisition Edit

Speak with Thrasia at the wind farm located in Varren's Scalp on Kadara just outside Kadara Port. The location is marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon.

Walkthrough Edit

There is also a container in the building next to Thrasia. Outside, at the end of a long walkway connected to the building, you can climb up onto a tall structure to scan an Adapted Initiative Core Tech for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Speak with Thrasia to learn that she helped steal supplies and place them around Kadara. Because these supplies in question are weapons, normally Sloane gets a cut of the profits from the sales of such items. However, she doesn't want to involve Sloane this time and says you can purchase the location (no actual funds are deducted). Thrasia also offers her goods for sale.

Tip: Don't purchase from or sell anything to Thrasia until after the mission. One of the rewards for the mission modifies her buying and selling prices.

Travel to the navpoint Edit

Travel to the navpoint MEA Tracked Objective Map Icon at the very west of the map past Sulfur Springs. You will come across several large crates on approach to the navpoint and a dropship will approach deploying Outlaws for an ambush.

Defeat the exiles Edit

A packaged deal - nameless exiles
Defeat the exiles from the dropship. Up to 7 enemies can spawn which may or may not include the following: a krogan Berserker, a Pariah, an Anarchist, and a variable amount of Raiders and Sharpshooters.

Examine weapons cache Edit

After the battle, examine the cache. Unsurprisingly, it's full of weapons. The other large crate has 6 containers that you can loot. After dealing with the goods, return to Thrasia for an explanation.

Confront Thrasia Edit

Thrasia tries to feign ignorance when you face her. She only sold the location, and that it was your choice to go there. The merchant then shamelessly admits she might have sold the navpoint to other customers but she can't help if the other customers went to the same location at the same time you decided to go as well. As compensation, you're offered a discount on her goods.

Rewards Edit

  • +530 XP
  • +29 AVP AVP icon
  • +2% Kadara viability
  • Thrasia sells goods for -10% Credits and purchases goods for +15% Credits.

Enemies Edit

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