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A Trail of Hope

After establishing a new outpost, Tann and the Initiative have more faith in your ability as Pathfinder. You're now free to follow the lead you discovered in the Remnant vault on Eos--the existence of a potentially active vault. This lead is your best hope to make Heleus a home.


Prerequisite: A Better Beginning

This mission is automatically acquired after the successful activation of the Eos vault and subsequent discussion with the Nexus leadership in Pathfinder Headquarters.


Go to the Onaon system

Ryder's only lead requires investigating the Onaon system. Use the Galaxy Map on the Tempest to travel there. What follows is a somewhat long cutscene and a couple of conversational choices for your Ryder.

Big ship, big guns

On the way there, the Tempest is blocked by a fleet of kett ships. The Archon makes video contact, asking for the one who activated the Remnant. You engage the Archon in brief conversation while SAM works to free the Tempest from kett control. Once free, SAM is able to plot a route through the Scourge to escape the kett.

Gil Brodie calls from Engineering saying they need to find a port. Once at the coordinates for the vault, the Tempest is again contacted by outsiders in their own native tongue, who send a navpoint. Respond how you will, though if you choose to be casual the aliens will laugh at your expense, hinting they've heard of your kind before. This leads to a beautiful port, but you must go out on your own for first contact.

Ryder leaves the Tempest at gunpoint and shepherded to a group of individuals, one of whom introduces herself as Paaran Shie, and you learn that you are on Aya and they are called the angara. Paaran Shie, the governor of this port, has evidently heard of the Initiative's journey. She is interrupted by Jaal Ama Darav, who has been sent by Evfra to investigate the alien ship's arrival.

Follow Paaran Shie

They're dead serious (and none of the onlookers will care), so suck it up and keep walking

From the upper end of the Marketplace, Paaran Shie leads Ryder to the headquarters of the Resistance. You're advised to keep moving, but you're able to ask questions while walking. Crowds of angara are curious about the alien newcomer, and if your subtitles are on keep an eye out for the named ones as you can encounter them again later in the game. Additionally, once you regain control the mission Peebee: Secret Project is automatically added in the journal.

The guards WILL shoot you dead if you stray away, so don't try it. You can only walk slowly for this brief segment, and if you attempt to whip out the scanner the guards will brusquely order you to put it away. Best obey them for the moment.

Enter the Angaran Resistance Headquarters

Upon entering the Resistance Headquarters, Jaal comes up and informs you how the kett have affected the angara. He leads Ryder to Evfra, who asks why they are here. You tell him of the vault on Eos, and Evfra confirms the existence of a vault on Aya, although it is inaccessible to them. Jaal says the Moshae could help, but Evfra replies that the kett have her.

Jaal volunteers to assess Ryder, which Evfra permits, and formally introduces himself.

Return to the Tempest

Enroh Bosaan, Jaal, Avela Kjar, and Sohkaa Esof all have something to say before you go

Ryder is transported to the Docks, where you may speak with Enroh Bosaan before taking off. You can also speak to Avela Kjar to pick up Recovering the Past, and with Sohkaa Esof to acquire Trading Favors.

Back on the ship, the Pathfinder team discusses their new teammate. Jaal explains that he has been tasked with traveling to two worlds, Havarl and Voeld; once the Tempest crew has earned the trust of the angara, they can then be permitted in Aya's vault. Ryder receives a mission for each planet: Helping Havarl's Scientists and Meet the Resistance.

Go to either Havarl or Voeld

Travel to either Havarl or Voeld. Ryder only needs to complete one of the given missions in order to continue the main storyline.

Note: It takes a much shorter amount of time to do all missions on Havarl than on Voeld. Also, the cryo pod Perk Improved Development II (+10% extra research data) requires a minimum of 90% Havarl viability.

This objective is completed when either Helping Havarl's Scientists or Stage a Rescue is completed.


With the inclusion of Jaal into the squad, you now have all six possible squadmates in the game.

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