The Adhi is an Outlaw unit. While Wild Adhi are their undomesticated kin, these Adhi are outfitted with various cybernetics to enhance their abilities and/or bend them to their owners' will. They typically rush toward their targets' blind sides to lock them down with their powerful bite, preventing them from doing anything else until they shake it off.

Scanner Information[edit | edit source]


Classification: Enemy
Origin: Andromeda

An over-sized, dog-like creature trained and used by outlaws to rush at enemies.

Description[edit | edit source]

Outlaws: Adhi

Adhi are four-legged lifeforms sighted on multiple worlds, across the Heleus Cluster, often foraging together in packs. They are extremely intelligent and capable of understanding complex commands. Wandering explorers and mercenaries are often accompanied by one or two trained adhi for defense.

When attacking, adhi drive opponents out of secure positions to make them vulnerable to gunfire or a concerted attack by the rest of the pack. Their jaw strength has been measured in excess of 1900 N, dangerous even when wearing a hardsuit. Adhi also show no fear of scout rovers.

Interestingly, the adhi genome shows signs of extensive genetic engineering that resembles the "uplifting" of some domestic animals on Earth before gene modification laws were put in place. These adaptions allow the adhi to survive in hazardous environments and may account for their almost tactical intelligence even in the wild.

Capabilities[edit | edit source]


Like Wraiths and Breachers, Adhi are used primarily to draw fire and flush players out of cover. The primary (and most dangerous) attack has these Adhi clamp their jaws around a player's right arm and drag them out into the open; besides leaving them vulnerable to enemy fire, it forces them into a button-mashing sequence to escape.

Alternatively, they can swipe with their front claws for light damage.


Adhi are unprotected by shields, armor, or barriers.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Adhi will frequently give away their presence with a harsh, throaty roar, even when within striking distance, and will most frequently attack in pairs. On hearing this roar, immediately swivel around to check the surrounding area to avoid getting flanked.
  • Adhi cannot perform their biting ability on characters perched atop crates or other similarly elevated objects. They will merely circle and growl in the surrounding area until killed, or the player dislodges through other means. Be warned, however, that perching on these crates may increase vulnerability against hostile fire, particularly staggering ones like Berserker Flak Cannons or Nullifier attacks.
  • Several skills covering player blind spots are extremely useful against Adhi behavior.
    • Singularity or Annihilation with Rank 6 Vortex can help against being swarmed by multiple Adhi. These skills, while keeping the dogs floating, also prime them for biotic detonations for easy multiple takedowns.
    • Keeping Trip Mines primed nearby also help against Adhi swarming.
    • Remnant VI and Assault Turret helpers can draw Adhi attention away from their owners. Defensively, they can cover players' backs and, properly leveled, can kill the dogs before they get close.
  • Adhi have some ability to sniff through Tactical Cloak. It's better to slink away when one gets close rather than risk getting bitten.
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