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The Adjutant is a Cerberus unit encountered in Mass Effect 3. Adjutants are Reaper creatures engineered by Cerberus to serve as shock troops.

Description Edit

"Adjutant" is the Cerberus codename for the experimental subjects created at a secret facility beyond the Omega-4 relay. The creatures are based on Reaper technology, and the adjutants encountered on Omega have the ability to infect any life-form to create a new adjutant.

Adjutants are deadly pack hunters. They initially remain hidden, observing potential victims and distracting them with subtle whispers. When they select a target, adjutants ambush them with charged projectiles that create a violently unstable mass effect field that causes severe disorientation and renders the target helpless. Enhanced muscle tissue gives adjutants the ability to leap surprising distances, allowing them to close in and infect their target quickly.

The baseline form of the being does not match any known species. Xenobiologists suspect that Reapers may have originally created and implemented the virus several cycles before the Prothean extinction and that it still carries genetic traces of its original host. If this is true, then like the Collectors, adjutants are a glimpse into the distant past at a species whose very existence -- and struggle against the Reapers -- has long been forgotten.

Capabilities Edit


Adjutants can fire a charged biotic projectile similar to a Singularity that, upon hitting something, floats in place for a certain amount of time. It damages and disorients targets within its field. At close range, Adjutants will charge and leap at targets, damaging and knocking them down, similar to Brutes.


Adjutants have above average armor and barriers, and are fast opponents that can rapidly evade an attacker's line of sight.

Tactics Edit

  • Adjutants take more damage when shot in the sacks on their back. This can be achieved from the front with piercing weapons such as the Black Widow, Javelin, M-98 Widow, and N7 Crusader.
  • While it is easier to dispatch Adjutants at range, players must be wary of their projectiles. In confined areas, these projectiles can severely disorient the player and complicate combat. Try to avoid letting an Adjutant close in, as their melee attacks are powerful and difficult to dodge.
    • Considering the kind of confined environment that makes up most of Omega's battlegrounds, and Adjutants rarely show up solo on the battlefield, be very aware of your surroundings so to avoid being boxed in and have one of them get into melee range, because Adjutants always prefer to close in fast for melee attacks. Even when they are mixed with other enemies, make them the priority target.
  • As Adjutants possess only barriers and armor, Warp Ammo and Warp are very effective, especially in succession with Throw.
    • This passive defense setup bears similarity with the Banshee, alas not as tough, thus similar tactics against Banshee also works against Adjutants.
  • The power Dominate can be used against the Adjutants that appear in the Mines segment of the mission Omega: Aria T'Loak, but not on the Adjutants unleashed during the final battle in Afterlife.
  • A Vanguard Shepard can engage Adjutants directly in close quarters with successive use of Biotic Charge, Nova and Incendiary Ammo. Adjutants, unlike Banshees, have no instant-kill melee attacks and are susceptible to staggers, therefore leave very large time windows for a Vanguard to deliver fatal blows even before the Adjutants manage to recover.

Trivia Edit

  • In the military, an Adjutant is the name of a staff officer who assists the commanding officer in issuing orders.
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