Advanced Rocket Drones are drones that are employed by the Systems Alliance and other armed forces for support of their ground operations. Assault Drones are armed with a Mass Accelerator Machine Gun that has been modified to fire Distortion Rockets.

Advanced Rocket Drones are also used by the Systems Alliance to train its soldiers and marines. In 2183 a VI controlling the drones at an Alliance training center on Luna went rogue and killed the staff stationed there with drones and turrets under its command.

Tactics Edit

  • Rocket Drones possess all six bars of shielding: as is the case with all Mass Effect enemies, it can regenerate over time. Their health is unable to regenerate, however.
  • Similarly to Geth Juggernauts and Geth Rocket Troopers, Rocket Drones will begin the fight by launching their Distortion Rocket and following up with a machine-gun burst. The Distortion Rocket can kill Shepard or their squadmates with just a couple of hits, so they should be targeted ahead of the weaker Advanced Assault Drones. Also note that since modified machine gun is their only weapon, using Sabotage will leave them completely defenceless until it cools off.
  • Drones are completely immune to all biotic talents besides Warp. However, they're unusually vulnerable to the tech talents instead, taking increased damage from tech proximity mines.
  • Rocket Drones can be turned over to your side with Master AI Hacking. They make better allies than Assault Drones due to more powerful weapons. Keep in mind that if there are no other drones in its line-of-sight, it will continue to attack you.
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