Aerial Assault is a passive Combat skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer.

Skill Ranks Edit

Turian 26th Armiger Legion training, specializing in jetpack maneuvers for defense.

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Aerial Assault - +10% Max Health

+10% Max Shields

2 Aerial Combat Reduces damage taken while hovering. +50 Damage Resistance While Airborne

+30% Melee Damage

3 Resilience - +15% Max Health

+15% Max Shields

4 Hover Improves jump-hover duration and shooting accuracy while hovering. +100% Hover Duration

+30% Weapon Accuracy While Airborne

4 Health & Shields - +25% Max Health

+25% Max Shields

5 Aerial Evasion Reduces damage taken while hovering and evading. +50 Damage Resistance While Airborne

+100 Damage Resistance While Evading

5 Dive Bomb Increases melee damage and jump-melee radius. +60% Melee Damage

+40% Jump Melee Area of Effect Radius

6 Aerial Engagement Extends hover duration for every enemy killed while hovering. Hover Extension per Kill (s): 4

+50 Damage Resistance While Airborne
+25% Weapon Accuracy While Airborne

6 Close-Quarters Momentum Increased melee damage bonus with each melee hit or melee kill. Ends after 20 seconds have passed without a melee kill. Melee Bonus per Hit: 5%

Melee Bonus per Kill: 20%
Max Melee Bonus: 65%
+25% Max Health
+25% Max Shields

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