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Description[edit | edit source]

Agebinium is a small terrestrial world with an extremely thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and krypton. Though the planet has sufficient mass to maintain a much thicker atmosphere, much of it has been blasted away.

The red giant Amazon is a long-period variable star, currently at the nadir of a 16-year cycle. At peak, its energy output doubles, lashing Agebinium with intense heat and radiation.

The crust is mainly composed of aluminum with deposits of tin. Much of the surface is coated with fine silicate dust, which easily penetrates the smallest cracks to foul machinery.

Assignments[edit | edit source]

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Terrain Map
Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Mine entrance (UNC: Espionage Probe)
2 Discovery Mine exit to mercenary camp and Mako (UNC: Espionage Probe)
3 Initial Crashed probe (salvage)
4 Initial Scavenger corpse – human male (UNC: Turian Insignias)

“This body is a long way from anything and appears to have been here for quite some time. On the body is a book of drawings, including one of the Syglar Outpost insignia.”

5 Discovery Charred corpse

“Brushing away the carbonization on the door of the contragravity speeder, you see the Nezo brand name. Judging by the charring, the wreckage has been here since the star's last variable peak. The corpse is wearing the remains of an expensive suit, and what appear to be melted antique aviator goggles.”

Mineral Deposits[edit | edit source]

The Amazon sun from Agebinium
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Beryllium Light
2 Magnesium Light
3 Samarium Rare

Lifeforms[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Nezo" (the brand name on the crashed speeder) is an anagram for Enzo.
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