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Dr. Alestia Iallis is an asari molecular geneticist educated at the University of Aurais and later stationed at Noveria's Peak 15.

Alestia can be found with the science team at Rift Station. When Commander Shepard meets Alestia, the asari seems oddly calm about the situation and makes a point of being particularly rude when answering questions, accusing the Commander of interrupting her meditations.

Shepard can ask about her job and Matriarch Benezia, but Alestia says she does not know Benezia any more than Shepard knows President Huerta of Earth. If Liara is present, Alestia suggests that the Commander ask her about Benezia instead.

If Shepard agrees to help Dr. Zev Cohen develop a cure for the sick scientists, the squad are let into the quarantined lab by one of Captain Ventralis' guards and locked in under the arrangement that they will not be released until they are scanned clear of the biotoxin.

Once Shepard has created the cure, the squad is ambushed by Alestia, now accompanied by a group of geth: Alestia turns out to be an asari commando under orders from Benezia to kill Shepard at the first opportunity, and is delighted that the squad is trapped in the lab for quiet disposal. Things do not turn out in her favor, however, as she and her team are killed in the ensuing fight.

After dealing with Alestia, Shepard and squad note the fate of the murdered guard outside the lab and return to confront Dr. Cohen about the attack. When the Commander demands to know whether it was a setup, Dr. Cohen asserts to have been utterly unaware of Alestia being a commando, saying she was recently transferred to Peak 15 at the behest of an investor, Saren Arterius.


  • Since you will be fighting in a confined space, you need to take Alestia out quickly before she has the chance to use her biotic abilities, or you will probably be picking yourself off the floor several times. Damping effectively disables her biotics.
  • While Alestia is only armed with a pistol, it is still a concern that she is accompanied by two Geth Troopers and an Asari Commando.