Alis Silhaus is a minor delegate for the Union of Incorporated Nations. A handsome brown-eyed and brown-skinned middle-aged woman by late 2184, Silhaus is involved in a number of schemes detrimental to the aims of the Andromeda Initiative in the course of advancing her own.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Initiation Edit

While vacationing on the family villa in the Home Away space station, Silhaus unexpectedly gets a visit from Alec Ryder despite the bureaucratic runarounds setting up an appointment with her entails. Wasting little time in pointing out her complicity in the theft of his proprietary software that ended up on Home Away at one point, Ryder discloses what he knows of her involvement.

Silhaus is on the board of the HOME Group, Home Away's parent company, and on UNIN's Scientific Appropriations Committee. "Creative" accounting on her end means that UNIN is effectively funding Home Away, not HOME Group. The villa they're on is ostensibly owned by Silhaus' brother although he only paid for the platform lease. It was practically built for free by Wadjari Prefabs, a company with no overt ties to HOME Group except its CFO is sleeping with the CEO of one of the HOME board member companies. Silhaus has also been funding Home Away's media campaign against the Andromeda Initiative in order to raise the property values owned by "her brother", although Khalisah al-Jilani went after Cora Harper for free on Silhaus' suggestion that she could use it to smear the Initiative's backer herself, Jien Garson.

Taking a moment to consider Ryder's words, Silhaus realizes he doesn't know that elements of the Systems Alliance also has a stake in the code theft. Her military friends inform her that Quiet Eddy, an Alliance facility that received the stolen code, went dark 25 hours prior to Ryder's visit. Because Cora told Ryder she was going there as well, Silhaus is intimidated into sharing everything else she knows about Quiet Eddy.

On February 15, 2185, following the bombing of a shuttle docked at Hyperion that almost destroyed Ryder's SAM infrastructure, INTERPOL is reported as opening an investigation between Homeward Sol and "a UNIN delegate", suggesting Silhaus may have had a hand in the plot.

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