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The Alliance News Network employs numerous correspondents across the galaxy. Its information partners report newsworthy events on a weekly basis in the days leading to the Reaper invasion, and during the war itself, news are dispatched whenever possible.

Amita Qasid[]


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

August 24, 2186

Leak questions geth role in Citadel battle

By Amita Qasid

VANCOUVER, EARTH – A leaked report has cast doubt on key facts in the Battle of the Citadel, backing up controversial claims by the long-marginalized “Citadel Conspiracy” movement.

In the report, acquired by the free-information group TruthHax, a top-secret emergency defense committee admits that the powerful dreadnought at the center of the battle may not have been of geth construction.

Key to the report is testimony by Commander Shepard, hero of the Alliance Navy and a decorated veteran. Shepard insists Saren Arterius’s flagship was actually one of many artificial intelligences separate from the geth and hostile to organic life.

Shepard’s credibility has declined in recent years amid reports of abetting the human supremacist group Cerberus. But in the leaked document, the defense committee appears to treat the Commander’s claims as a genuine possibility.

Shepard could not be reached for comment, having been relieved of duty by the committee.

Prime Minister Shastri was confronted with questions about the report today at a routine press conference, but waved them off, saying only: “It’s a big galaxy. The geth are one of many threats we talk about, and rest assured, the Alliance will be prepared for whatever comes our way.”

Amita Qasid is a political correspondent for ANN’s “Earth Standard” and a frequent contributor to ANN Magazine.

— Alliance News Network publication

Pietro Pagano[]


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

August 31, 2186

Linron retains power, but control disputed

By Pietro Pagano

TALAT, SUR’KESH – Dalatrass Linron, the queen bee of Sur’Kesh’s wealthiest bloodline, has retained bloodline leadership by a narrow margin.

In an extended speech given last night to the homeworld and colonies, the dalatrass primarily addressed her constituent clans, duchies, and corporations, lauding growth she secured for salarian businesses and taking shots at the rival Narra bloodline.

Afterward, pledges of loyalty or statements of no-confidence were factored into the weighted electoral system that the Linron bloodline uses to determine leadership.

Dalatrass Narra called Linron to congratulate her on her victory. But insiders say the Linron rivals are to be watched.

“In salarian politics, ‘I love you’ means ‘you’re going to die,’ and ‘you’re going to die’ means ‘I love you,’” one Linron staffer said.

“Linron’s influence over the Salarian Union is undeniable, but the Narra are dangerous. They don’t even recognize Talat as the planetary capital.”

The source added: “If their dalatrass gambles right, she could get the loyalty of the STG, which is key in any coup.”

In other words, it’s just another day on Sur’Kesh.

“The Token Mammal,” Pietro Pagano’s blog on salarian culture, is uploaded weekly from Sur’Kesh.

— Alliance News Network publication

Diana Allers[]


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

September 7, 2186

Migrant Fleet refuses Council inspectors

By Diana Allers

CITADEL — Diplomatic relations between the quarians and Citadel Council have chilled after the Migrant Fleet refused to consider visitation by Council weapons inspectors.

The move comes several months after the Migrant Fleet allegedly acquired dual-use ship materials, which could be used to create dreadnought-scale weaponry.

The allegations leveled by unnamed Spectres center around a battle over the Terminus world of Korlus. In a violent dispute, the Migrant Fleet fought Blue Suns mercenaries and when the fighting was done, took its fill of starship parts on or orbiting the planet.

Quarian representatives have so far been unapologetic.

“We have no embassy on the Citadel, and are no longer signatories to the Treaty of Farixen,” Admiral Han’Gerrel vas Neema said. “Our armaments are none of the Council’s business. Further, these worries are unfounded. We have never had, nor do we plan to have, hostile intent to Council species.”

Public reaction in Council space is vehement.

“The Migrant Fleet has always lived on the edge of criminality,” popular blogger Feyro Derlan said. “But adding an axial gun to a liveship that’s who-knows-how-many kilometers long? That’s not a cause for worry, that’s terror worth soiling your pants over.”

Diana Allers is a war correspondent who appears regularly on ANN’s “Battlespace.”

— Alliance News Network publication

Iris Dunnigan[]


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

September 14, 2186

Cerberus expansion deemed “significant threat”

By Iris Dunnigan

CITADEL – A report by the salarian Special Tasks Group, warning of the increasing danger of human-supremacist group Cerberus, is garnering attention in the halls of the Citadel Tower. ANN has agreed not to publish the classified report’s contents, but experts within the STG, speaking on condition of anonymity, warn that what was once considered a small and extremely select group has grown drastically in size and power. “There has always been a segment of the human population that believes the Council government is lying to them,” said one agent. “Cerberus exploits that fear.” A confiscated recruitment video included in the report states the Cerberus mentality plainly: “Other species may talk with us, trade with us, even live with us, but when a crisis comes, we are on our own.”

Critics of the report are quick to point out its flaws. “This report covers ground that Spectre intelligence has already covered,” said one Tower insider. ”We know Cerberus has the ability to field many troops, build a stealth frigate, and conduct groundbreaking research. It’s been clear for months, even years, that Cerberus is growing in numbers, but when it comes to how Cerberus are able to do all this, STG only says, ‘we don’t know yet.’ It is past the point where that is acceptable.”

Iris Dunnigan anchors ANN’s “Headlines Now” and often transmits on location for breaking news.

— Alliance News Network publication

Shirin Kazemi[]


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

September 21, 2186

Flood of batarian traffic brings rumors of war

By Shirin Kazemi

UTOPIA SYSTEM – A massive influx of batarian ships is raising tensions in the Exodus Cluster, putting Alliance forces on high alert. According to Alliance officials, the ships came from the batarian-held Harsa relay with minimal warning, some barreling right through. The Alliance reportedly fired on some of the ships with the intent to disable them.

“It’s a miracle any of them are still alive,” one human frigate captain said. According to the batarians, they are neither invaders nor defectors, but refugees. They claim a hostile species has attacked the Hegemony’s fleet, bombarding Khar’shan and other batarian planets.

With the Harsa comm buoy system crippled, communication is sporadic at best between far-flung batarians and their government on Khar’shan. Some refugees claim the attackers were Council. Others blame the geth or even the rachni. All report that the enemy, in whatever form, is blockading the relay, destroying most spacecraft trying to make it through. The refugees are not solely civilians. Hegemony Commander, Eruz Mathat, who is under guard while his cruiser is inspected, was blunt in his assessment of the situation. “I never thought I would say this to the human navy,” he said, “but we need you.”

Shirin Kazemi contributes to ANN’s Eden Prime telecast “The Apple” and the Constant Times.

— Alliance News Network publication

Chisilix Palanurus[]


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

September 28, 2186

Primarch address preps turians for war

By Chisilix Palanurus

CIPRITINE, PALAVEN – The Turian Hierarchy is at war with an unknown force of artificial intelligences, Palaven’s Primarch Fedorian revealed today in a brief address carried throughout Citadel space. The speech came just hours after comm buoys went dark near Mactare, a star system home to the battered turian colony world of Taetrus.

Rumors suggesting the attackers were the same insect-like ships that attacked batarian and human space were confirmed by the Primarch. “The attackers are called Reapers. They are a race of intelligent starships that can turn their prisoners into willing slaves,” he said.

Fedorian did little to acknowledge fears that the enemy must have superior technology in order to coordinate two fronts thousands of light years apart. “There are many mysteries about this enemy, but we know enough,” he said. “They have attacked our kin and so it is war with them. War until victory. War however long and hard the road may be. War until they can never threaten us again.”

Turian response to the Primarch’s statement was vociferous. Several inter-and-extranet outages were reported following the speech, as turians vented their anger at the enemy. Primarch Fedorian seemed to have predicted this emotional response in his address, though it remains to be seen if he can contain it. “Now is not the time to be enraged,” he said. “Now is the time to harness our will and do what must be done. We must show that whatever civilization we face, it picked the wrong foe.”

Chisilix Palanurus serves in the 20th citizenship tier of the Turian Hierarchy’s Conflict Operations Messaging Legion.

— Alliance News Network publication


From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

October 5, 2186

Hierarchy Fleets Defeated in Push to Palaven

By Chisilix Palanurus

TREBIA SYSTEM — Hierarchy forces failed to retake the Mactare relay and the malicious starships known as the Reapers have pushed into Palaven’s space.

The Hierarchy attempted a trans-relay assault to liberate the colony world of Taetrus this week, only to lose great numbers of ships and personnel.

The attack began with an assumption that the Reapers were on the far side of the relay, ready to annihilate anything that came through. The 29th through 32nd Fleets, specialists in delivering heavy ordnance, sent resonant warp bombs through the relay to clear the Reapers away from the immediate area on the other side. They then sent the four fleets through the relay, believing their considerable mass would create relay drift and deliver them out of the Reaper targeting zone.

The extent of losses is classified. What is known is that Reaper ships emerged on the Palaven side of the relay. There, according to Hierarchy sources, “a significant portion of the armada” engaged the Reapers. Fierce fighting continues.

Reports came through of the Reapers broadcasting images of their victory at Taetrus, but these could not be authoritatively confirmed. Some comm buoys were destroyed, creating extranet lag for signals coming out of the Trebia system.

In an emergency broadcast from an undisclosed location, Primarch Fedorian admitted it is possible Palaven’s communications with the rest of the galaxy will go dark during the fighting.

“We must prepare for the worst,” he said. “We cannot expect aid from allies when our allies face nightmares of their own. They look to us, because in each turian is a soldier. Now we must become more. Each of us must be a savior.”

Chisilix Palanurus serves in the 20th citizenship tier of the Turian Hierarchy’s Conflict Operations Messaging Legion.

— Alliance News Network publication

Shipboard News[]

The Alliance News Network Information Partners are also known to have made reports on certain topics, mostly without known author attribution. These items can be read by Commander Shepard on terminals aboard the Normandy SR-2 as the Reaper War progresses.


Shepard receives this email if they didn't convince Din Korlack to part with intel concerning a Cerberus strike.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Cerberus"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Aephus - The turian colony of Aephus has been raided by Cerberus forces attempting to gain control its heavy manufacturing plants and shipyards.

The Turian Hierarchy immediately mobilized the Sixth Fleet against the invaders, but not before Cerberus seized the colony's antiaircraft defenses.

The turian fleet sustained damage to several cruisers and carriers before finally driving Cerberus from Aephus.

The colony's civilian casualties are still unknown, but unofficial estimates puts the toll in the tens of thousands.

Aresh Aghdashloo[]

If Aresh was spared during Jack's trip to Pragia, he dies a heroic death.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Cerberus"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Elysium - An evacuation shuttle, nearly destroyed as it attempted to escape the Reaper-occupied colony of Elysium, was reportedly saved after a lone biotic worker intervened.

The shuttle was carrying children who drew higher numbers on the colony's evacuation lottery, meaning they were not eligible to board the first wave of shuttles leaving the planet.

Their shuttle was saved when the biotic, identified by authorities as Aresh Aghdashloo, engaged Reaper forces that were preventing it from taking off. Aghdashloo had a history of drug abuse and criminal activity, and claimed to have survived a Cerberus camp on Pragia as a child.

Witnesses said he killed several dozen Reaper creatures before he was overwhelmed, providing the shuttle just enough time to fly clear.

Eden Prime Resistance Movement[]

If Shepard retrieved Javik from Eden Prime and also enabled its colonists to revolt against their Cerberus occupiers, this email appears in the aftermath.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Eden Prime"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Alliance officials confirm a local resistance movement has successfully pushed Cerberus forces off Eden Prime.

Cerberus attacked Eden Prime for reasons that remain unclear and set up facilities to occupy the colony. But after constant attacks from a united populace, Cerberus troops retreated. Alliance officials are sending in evacuation transports now to get colonists off-world before Reaper forces reach the colony.

"We owe this victory to the Alliance," resistance leader Edward Crabb said in a prepared statement. "The people of Eden Prime have always been ready to fight, but Alliance intel gave us the tools we needed to push those Cerberus bastards off our planet."

Many resistance fighters have said they plan to enlist to support the Alliance.


Kal'Reegar dies in the Reaper War if he survived Haestrom and the quarians survived their war to retake Rannoch. The message is received sometime after Thessia's fall.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Quarian Fleet"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Palaven - The Turian Hierarchy, one of the most powerful and respected ground forces in the galaxy, are today paying respects to an unlikely ally: the marines of the Quarian Fleet.

The weakened immune systems of quarians normally means their forces are restricted to ships. But when an emergency technical team was required to repair a ground-based com relay, providing vital intel to the turian military, one quarian squad stepped up.

Commanded by squad leader Kal'Reegar, the quarian team repaired the com system, then sacrificed their lives holding the position until krogan troops arrived.

When turian troops offered to provide evac support, Reegar refused, insisting they could not risk the relay falling. He said multiple breaches to their exo-suits made evacuation impossible.

"We're all dead anyway," Reegar reportedly said. "Just make them pay for it."

A spokesman for Primarch Victus praised the squad's bravery.

"Whatever our past politics, today the galaxy stands together against a single threat," Victus said. "We are humbled by the sacrifice of our allies from Rannoch, and we promise to return the honor."

Migrant Fleet[]

After the foiled Cerberus coup, ANN contributor Ruxius Rilius spreads a piece exhorting suspicion on the actions of the galaxy's largest fleet.

ANN Alert: New Article "Quarian Fleet"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

By Ruxius Rilius, ANN contributor

Citadel - Where is the quarian fleet? The latest intelligence shows that the Reapers are taking system after system at a feverish pace. Members of all races are fleeing their stations, colonies, and in some cases, their homeworlds.

This kind of forced exodus might seem especially familiar to the nomadic quarians, who were pushed off their homeworld by the synthetic geth centuries ago. But as the galaxy pushes back against the Reapers, the quarians are conspicuously absent.

Turian and Alliance spokespeople cannot provide the fleet's current location. They say they have other concerns at the moment.

Whatever the quarians are up to, they want it kept secret from the Council. After a refueling stop at Illium, the fleet left no stated destination. And there are also reports of a galaxy-wide call for all young adult quarians to abandon their Pilgrimages to rejoin the fleet.

Greedy and shortsighted powers will always try to gain the upper hand in times of galactic crisis. We can only hope that whatever the quarians are planning does not interfere with the only thing that should matter: stopping the Reapers.

Read Ruxius Rilius's regular column "View of the Empire," exclusively on ANN.

Rana Thanoptis[]

Rana Thanoptis goes on to slay numerous asari officials before killing herself if she was spared by Shepard on Virmire.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Indoctrination"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Thessia - Asari scientist Rana Thanoptis has died in custody, allegedly committing suicide after she was arrested for the murder of multiple asari military officials.

Prior to her death, investigators said Thanoptis spoke of voices in her head, which they believed to be indicative of her indoctrination. The voices foretold the ascension of the asari--and told Thanoptis that anyone fighting the Reapers "needed to die."

Thanoptis worked on a top-secret project for former Spectre Saren Arterius several years ago, where she likely became indoctrinated. She received a pardon from the asari government in exchange for providing research assistance on Reaper technology.

Thanoptis was believed responsible for planting a makeshift explosive device that detonated at a research center, killing five visiting asari military officials along with four civilians. The attack seriously wounded a dozen more and caused significant damage to the facility.

Investigators say they are not seeking any more suspects in the case.

Urdnot Wrex[]

If Wrex is the Urdnot leader and the genophage cure is actually fake, he learns about it and confronts Shepard on the Citadel after the battle for Rannoch. He dies attempting to kill Shepard, and the incident is whitewashed in the news.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Urdnot Wrex"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Citadel - A violent confrontation erupted on the Citadel today when Urdnot Wrex, a known krogan mercenary, accosted an Alliance soldier over an unpaid gambling debt.

Witnesses say that what began as a verbal argument quickly turned into a physical altercation during which the krogan drew his weapon and began firing at the defenseless Alliance soldier.

C-Sec personnel arrived on scene and were forced to kill the krogan mercenary, ending the tense standoff.

"I can confirm there was an incident which resulted in the fatal shooting of an armed krogan near the loading docks," C-Sec commander Armando-Owen Bailey said.

"We're still not sure how he smuggled his weapon onto the Citadel or what triggered the fight, but our information suggests it was some sort of bet that didn't pan out. Our investigation is ongoing and until it's concluded, we have no further comment."

Zhu's Hope[]

The Zhu's Hope colony on Feros takes up arms against the Reapers if Shepard allowed the colony to live and prosper.

ANN Alert: New Article on "Reaper"

From: Alliance News Network Information Partners

Feros - A group of colonists on Feros have mounted a defensive against arriving Reaper forces, holding them back long enough for civilians from nearby colonies to escape.

The informal militia from Zhu's Hope, said to be survivors of a savage geth attack several years ago, has repelled initial Reaper landing attempts with a level of wartime competence more common to seasoned platoons.

The colonies are using improvised weapons, as well as supplies salvaged from a defunct ExoGeni facility.

"This colony is our home," colony spokesperson Lizbeth Baynham said. "We've survived worse, and we know how to fight together."

The colony is expected to have time for full evacuation before more Reaper forces arrive.