Location: Milky WayHorse Head NebulaFortuna System Third planet

Prerequisite: Destroying the two pirate bases on Mavigon and Klensal as part of UNC: Hostile Takeover (Mass Effect).

Description Edit

Amaranthine is a chilly rock world with an atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Its frozen surface consists largely of light titanium and aluminum oxides, with deposits of thorium and other heavy metals located in the deep crust. Amaranthine was named by the human poet Sofia Cabral during her tour of duty aboard the Alliance surveyor ship Kupe. Under the dim light of the red dwarf Fortuna, the surface of this world is lit in rich twilight blues and purples even at midday.

Assignments Edit

Points of Interest Edit

Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Engineering outpost (UNC: Hostile Takeover)
2 Initial Turian Wreckage (UNC: Turian Insignias)

“You find an intricate beaded necklace marked with the Galatana Colony insignia. It appears to be very old.”

3 Initial Crashed Probe (requires average Electronics to salvage.)

Mineral Deposits Edit

Amaranthine SLI
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Iridium Heavy
2 Uranium Rare
3 Thorium Rare

Lifeforms Edit

Properties Edit

One moon is visible from the landing site.

In addition to having a moderate breeze, the operational area on the planet has very poor visibility due to the twilit conditions. Many points of interest lie on or at the foot of highlands, requiring Mako traversal up and down mountainous terrain to reach.


  • The word 'amaranthine' is a term meaning 'unfading' or 'everlasting', but also refers to a deep purplish-red colour, likely the source of the planet's name.
  • Despite being considerably colder than both Xawin and Mavigon, Amaranthine has no cold hazard level. This may be because unlike Xawin and Mavigon, Amaranthine has no active blizzard, whereas the former two planets do.
  • Amaranthine and Chohe have exactly the same ingame geography.
  • BioWare also used this name in Dragon Age: Origins. It is a coastal region in the northeast part of Ferelden.
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