Rialla is the Andromeda Initiative's ambassador to the angara on Aya.

After Ryder has successfully gained the trust of the Angaran Resistance, Evfra allows the Initiative to open an embassy on Aya. Rialla mentions that she was specifically removed from cryo for this purpose.

Upon entering the Andromeda Initiative Embassy on Aya, Ryder can see Rialla reporting to Director Tann on her progress, stating everything is going according to plan. After the transmission ends, she sighs in relief stating it was the first time she has lied to a director. She greets the Pathfinder then thanks them for their part in forging an alliance with the angara. Rialla states that the angara have been gracious in allowing Initiative scientists to work in their labs on Aya, and unlike Tann, is willing to move at the angara's pace of negotiations, understanding that there is still mistrust among them about aliens given their history with the kett.

As she speaks to Ryder she shares her concerns such as the Jardaan, and contemplates how they will deal with them if they return to the Heleus Cluster. She also mentions that one of her botanists, Sorvis Lenn has been threatened by an angara and asks Ryder to investigate. In addition, Tann has requested more angara to migrate to the Nexus to deepen their relationship with the anagra. Some angara have expressed interest in moving to the Nexus, but will only accept unless they speak to Ryder.

When Ryder returns after confronting Jarryn Sjek and learning about the Vessal, she is horrified that the Initiative diplomats have caused a disruption in the angaran lottery system. She opts to make things right which Ryder can provide suggestions.

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