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Amul Shastri was the Prime Minister of the Systems Alliance from at least 2185 until 2186.


It is unknown when Amul Shastri first became Prime Minister and how long he served. By 2185, he was known to have been involved in a public dispute with the CEO of a media company which led to the CEO launching a campaign of mocking viral videos against Shastri until he acquiesced. Later that year, he met with a salarian dalatrass on the salarian holiday of Betau and exchanged gifts with her; the dalatrass, who knew of Shastri's love of flying, gave him a classic Tess Auburn 2166 aircar. The prime minister also attended the opening ceremonies of a public memorial and museum on Eden Prime after the colony was declared a culturally significant site by Earth's Council for the Preservation of Human History and Culture.

On August 24, 2186, Shastri addressed reporters at a news conference regarding a leaked report that allegedly supported Commander Shepard's claims that the warship Sovereign that was destroyed during the Battle of the Citadel was not of geth construction as had been officially asserted, and was actually one of many hostile machine intelligences. Shastri waved off questions, saying that the geth were not the only threat in the galaxy, and providing assurances that the Alliance was well-prepared for anything that came its way.

During the Reaper invasion later that year, Shastri was killed along with the entire Alliance Parliament when Reaper forces destroyed Arcturus Station. With his loss, Councilor Donnel Udina became the de facto political leader of the Alliance.

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