Andromeda Elite Helmet is a single piece of armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

This armor piece is only available by completing the Andromeda Initiative training[1]. The Training involves signing up and watching 6 videos about the Initiative which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Description Edit

This special-issue Andromeda Initiative helmet is custom designed for explorers who excel in the Initiative training programs taken on prior to departing for Andromeda. Its Pathfinder-grade construction is strong enough to protect the wearer from the dangers of unexplored space while remaining light enough to allow full mobility.

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The Andromeda Elite Helmet has only one type and can't be crafted or found in-game.

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Rank Max Shields Encounter XP Increase
I +4% +10%

Development Edit

No development is available for this helmet.

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  • The Andromeda Elite Helmet is only available at Rank I.
  • The Encounter XP Increase is only applied to experience (XP) awarded for killing enemies. All other XP sources are unaffected by this stat bonus.

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