Angaran Resistance Base

Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Nol / Voeld

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The Angaran Resistance Base is the headquarters of the Angaran Resistance on Voeld. This base is one of the largest settlements on the planet and a landing zone for the Tempest.

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The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired in Angaran Resistance Base:

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired in Angaran Resistance Base:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired in Angaran Resistance Base:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired in Angaran Resistance Base:

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Come home, please.
Translated from Shelesh:

Dear Tarva,

Please come back to Aya. I know you want to fight for us, but we need you here too. Your children miss you. You want to build a world where they don't have to fear the kett, but is that really better than not knowing their mother? I know you've made your decision, but I beg you to reconsider. Please.

Remember what it was like with your own father. And how it felt.

With love, your mother.

Logs of Kett TOC Surveillance
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Commander Do Xeel
From: Intelligence Officer Kaas

Transcripts, as requested.

[1103] Beniska: Stars, Tseek! Look!
[1103] Tseek: I told you, I'm not interested in your collect—
[1103] Beniska: (loudly) No, the kett base!
[1104] Tseek: Skkut, that's a big ship.
[1104] Beniska: Are those—
[1104] Tseek: Looks like fighter aircraft. They're bringing in more troops, bigger guns.
[1104] Beniska: That's not... good.
[1104] Tseek: I'm going to Kaas. Keep watching. Log everything.

Reply to Message: "Low Supplies?"
Translated from Shelesh:


Yes, I am aware of the dwindling supply situation. The supplies meant for the Resistance had to be diverted at the last moment, so we never received them. We'll get the next drop. I'm taking care of it myself.


Report: Aya
Translated from Shelesh:

I apologize, Olisk. My pilot says she made the supply drop at the navpoint. I can't figure out why they never reached you. I'll have Onya try again with a new shipment—free of charge. The Resistance won't starve over a technical issue.

Report: Estraaja
Translated from Shelesh:


We sent a shuttle with enough medical supplies to last you through the cycle. Did you ever receive them? Our tracking signal went dark after we left the supplies at the drop point. Please respond and let us know they got to you safely.

Report: Scout Destranja
Translated from Shelesh:


I took a party to the supply drop point. When we got there, everything was gone. Our contact was missing. The snow showed signs of activity—multiple individuals. The kett, maybe? I'll keep this quiet until you can get it sorted.

Scout Reports
Translated from Shelesh:

To: Intelligence Officer Kaas

We're seeing an increase in activity around Ja Niihk. The kett have erected a barrier of some kind around the dig. Scouts have spotted abducted angara moving around behind the shield. Looks like the kett have them working on something. We can't tell what it is.

Also, more reports of abductions. The kett appear to have stopped trying to attack the daara. Too well-defended. That's good. However, looks like they've focused their attacks on people traveling across the planet. Ambushes have increased. We should make sure the warning gets out.

Terminal Entries:

Concerning the new visitors
Translated from Shelesh:

I heard about the new visitors to Aya. Do I have to remind you what happened the last time their kind contacted one of our worlds? Kadara is a cesspool because of them.

I'm sure you and Evfra are receiving plenty of opinions from both sides. I trust you'll make the right call, Anjik. Aya and Voeld can't be overrun by those things—and I don't trust that so-called Pathfinder any more than the rest of them.

For the Commander
Translated from Shelesh:


I'm so sorry. We managed to push the kett back from Techiix, but they knew we were coming. Had traps laid out before we even crested the peak.

Arjaan didn't make it. He went down covering our saboteur—took out nearly a dozen kett before he fell. You'd have been so proud of him. I wanted to let you know before word got back in a less delicate way.

I'll tell Eskaal to hold off on sending the notice. You should be able to break the news to your parents yourself. Commander, I truly am sorry. I know this must be difficult to read. But I know that Arjaan Do Xeel was a hero today.

Kett Surveillance: Week 0042, Novoa Bav
Surveillance Records

0600: Group of five kett leave base to deal with roving wild wraith herd.
0710: Kett leader makes daily report to unknown superior.
0920: Glitch in feed. Unsure what's causing it.
1050: Kett leader checks weapon for fifth time today.
1530: Feed cuts out for two minutes. Reported.
1623: Kett leader delivers hour-long speech to underlings. 1700: Kett leave in the direction of Hjara. Reported. Possibly incoming attack.

Kett Surveillance: Week 0042, Novoa Fev
Surveillance Records

0500: Shift change.
0700: Kett leader goes to console, speaks with unknown.
0820: Kett patrol returns. Reports nothing unusual.
0910: Kaerkyn enters camp. Quickly dispatched.
1059: Kett comes close to bug location.
1100: Kett leader checks weapon.
1549: Kett leader checks weapon again.

Kett Surveillance: Week 0042, Novoa Sabay
Surveillance Records

0300: Kett leader reports in. Immediately checks weapon.
0641: Static on feed. Cuts out for seven minutes.
0839: Kett leader dispatches patrol in rover. Unsure of destination.
0910: Feed gone dark. Reported.
1200: Feed still down. Possible issue with network.

Report: Fighter Pilot Vesh Naraan
Translated from Shelesh:

Vesh Naraan, reporting in.

Received some surprising news this week. Apparently, the human Pathfinder activated the vault on Eos. The newcomers are now settling on the surface.

I don't know how to feel about this, Commander. It troubles me—a visitor from across dark space can access technology closed to us for centuries? What does this mean? History tells us what happens when outsiders have more power than us.

I apologize if I'm stepping out of line with my comments. Simply thinking out loud. I trust your judgment in all things, Commander.

Translated from Shelesh:

Paavoa, mother,

I hope you and Lavaala are well. Little Falet must be a handful by now.

Mother, something happened. I sent Arjaan on a mission and he didn't come back. He's not coming back. His officer tells me he fell protecting his squad.

This is my fault. He should've had more training. I'm so

[Text ended]

Urgent—need recruits ASAP
Translated from Shelesh:

Commander Do Xeel,

We need more recruits for Havarl. The kett haven't reached the ruins, but their attempts on the capital have been bolder. I'm not sure how much longer we can hold out.

I know you're stretched thin right now. And I heard about Arjaan, so I'm sure it's a difficult time for you. I wouldn't contact you if it weren't urgent.

I'll be in the field. Reach me by comm at your earliest convenience.

-Captain Roeh

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