Location: Milky WayEagle NebulaAmun System Third planet


A garden world with heavy populations of humans and batarians, Anhur was home to one of the ugliest violations of sapient rights in modern human history. A consortium of corporations and corrupt politicians, fearing batarian economic competition due to their custom of legal slavery, passed a resolution that abolished the minimum wage -- effectively relegalizing slavery on a human-dominated world.

Opponents of the motion quickly turned to activism and violence. A civil war erupted, as one side sought to end slavery throughout the system and another, primarily batarian faction called the Na'hesit sought to keep the slaves they had. The Anhur Rebellions raged from 2176 to 2178. The Na'hesit had a significant advantage in ships, labor, and weapons, forcing the Anhur militias to hire mercenary companies to even the odds. In the end, the abolitionists won out, though at the cost of much of their infrastructure. Though Anhur today still has significant natural wealth, it is economically depressed, save for the reconstruction industry.

Mineral DepositsEdit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 5,600
Platinum High 10,700
Iridium Low 4,000
Element Zero Medium 7,200


  • Anhur may be named after the Egyptian god Anhur, and the capital may be named after the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes. There's also a city in Greece named Thebes.
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