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Anixian is a scientist working at the Andromeda Initiative outpost on Elaaden, provided Nakmor Morda allowed the construction of the outpost.

Anixian is involved in the study of the climate changes and the possibility of water on Elaaden. He explains that underground pockets of water already exist but the water quality is bad, though that's easily remedied with purification.

His job is to determine if the water pockets can reach the surface of the world and form rivers and lakes. In order for this to happen, the local vault would need to create clouds and soils that can retain water.

Once the vault has been activated Anixian observes the resulting changes. He remarks that the first clouds have already started to form, among them nimbus clouds, which can bear rain on the world in several months. He's excited about the prospect and imagines rainfall on Elaaden will be beautiful.

Anixian can be overheard on comms asking Boomerang for the pressure sensors he found.