Anixian is a male turian scientist and colonist for the Andromeda Initiative.

If Pathfinder Ryder settles an outpost on Elaaden, Anixian becomes the climate expert for the Initiative and is involved in the study of the climate changes and the possibility of water on Elaaden. He explains that underground pockets of water already exist but the water quality is bad even if it can be purified.

His job is to analyse the possibility if the water pockets can, one day, reach the surface of the planet and form rivers, even lakes. In order for this to happen, the Vault would need to create clouds and soils that can retain water. Anixian has already observed the first effects and climate changes of the Vault activation on Elaaden. He remarks that the first clouds have already started to form, among them - even nimbus clouds, which can bear rain on the planet in several months.

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