Anjik Do Xeel is a female angaran member of the Resistance stationed on the planet Voeld.

Anjik is the commander of the Angaran Resistance Base and she is in charge of the fight against the kett on the planet. The Resistance is located on the planet since the kett arrived and is supported mostly by civilians in an effort to retake their world.

Anjik has a strong esteem for Evfra de Tershaav and thinks that his stern personality is what the resistance needs. According to her, Evfra rallied a bunch of civilians and created an effective army and tactics. All success against the kett is due to his leadership and inspiration. Even if she not always agrees with him, she would follow him everywhere as many members of the Resistance would.

On Voeld, the Resistance keeps the kett at bay for the moment but is losing its advantage as the war goes forward. The Resistance's forces stationed on the planet are too small even if Evfra sent young and untrained recruits to help the war effort. To make a difference, Anjik needs skilled fighters, medics and technicians. At the moment, she is unable to strike a decisive blow to change the course of war.

On their first encounter, Anjik welcomes Pathfinder Ryder with mistrust. On the contrary, if Ryder rescued scientists on Havarl, she welcomes the Pathfinder as an ally to the Resistance and its fight against the kett. In either case, she suggests that Ryder should meet her lookouts to receive an update on the situation to help on Voeld and therefore prove or confirm loyalty to the angara.

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  • Asking about the front lines will give Ryder an option to find recruits for the Resistance, though this is not followed by the Journal and no option is given to actually follow up on this request.
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