Anomalies are oddities present on some uncharted planets in Mass Effect 2. An anomaly indicates the presence of an available assignment on that planet (the only mission that is associated with an anomaly is Jacob: The Gift of Greatness).

If a planet has an anomaly, EDI will inform you that she has detected one when you enter the planet's orbit. In order to locate the source of the anomaly you must scan the planet. When you scan the planet, the targeting reticle will contain a white line pointing in the direction of the anomaly. When the targeting reticle gets sufficiently close to the source of the anomaly a white dot will appear on the map marking the anomaly's location. Launch a probe towards the white dot in order to unlock the assignment; doing so will enable you to land on the planet.

List of Places with Anomalies Edit

Cluster System Planet / Moon Orbit from star Assignment / Mission
Caleston Rift Solveig Sinmara (moon to Surtur) 1 N7: Endangered Research Station
Caleston Rift Talava Taitus 4 N7: Mining the Canyon
Caleston Rift Yakawa Karumto 4 Project Firewalker: Volcano Station
Crescent Nebula Lusarn Tarith 4 N7: Blood Pack Communications Relay
Crescent Nebula Zelene Helyme 2 N7: Captured Mining Facility
Eagle Nebula Amun Neith 4 N7: Wrecked Merchant Freighter
Hades Nexus Hoplos Kopis (moon to Makhaira) 2 Project Firewalker: Prothean Site
Hades Nexus Sheol Gei Hinnom 1 N7: Quarian Crash Site
Hawking Eta Verr Corang 1 Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located
Hourglass Nebula Faryar Daratar 2 N7: Eclipse Smuggling Depot
Hourglass Nebula Ploitari Zanethu 2 N7: MSV Estevanico
Ismar Frontier Elysta Zeona 2 Project Firewalker: Rosalie Lost
Minos Wasteland Fortis Aequitas 3 N7: Abandoned Mine
Omega Nebula Amada Alchera 4 Normandy Crash Site
Omega Nebula Fathar Lorek 1 N7: Lost Operative
Pylos Nebula Dirada Canalus 3 N7: Anomalous Weather Detected
Rosetta Nebula Alpha Draconis 2175 Aeia 1 Jacob: The Gift of Greatness
Rosetta Nebula Enoch Joab 3 N7: Archeological Dig Site
Sigurd's Cradle Decoris Sanctum 2 N7: Blue Suns Base
Sigurd's Cradle Skepsis Franklin (moon to Watson) 3 N7: Javelin Missiles Launched
The Phoenix Massing Chomos Lattesh 2 Project Firewalker: Geth Incursion
The Shrike Abyssal Xe Cha Zada Ban 1 N7: Blood Pack Base
Titan Nebula Haskins Capek 1 N7: Hahne-Kedar Facility