Location: Milky WayHourglass NebulaFaryar System Seventh planet

Prerequisite: Priority: Thessia (Mass Effect 3)


Antictra (which means "fused metal") is so named because of its spectacular craters. A planet high in various grades of iron oxide, Antictra is regularly pummeled by loose asteroids in the nearby belt between it and Wenrum. The iron melted and fused by the incoming meteors makes for spectacular landscape shots that look alien no matter what part of the galaxy you may be from. However, due to frequent meteor impacts exploration is considered highly dangerous even to those with advanced kinetic barriers.

Mineral DepositsEdit

Initial Scanner Result: Rich

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 6,500
Platinum Medium 5,400
Iridium High 17,800
Element Zero None 0
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