Location: Milky WayMaroon SeaCaspian System Fourth planet

Prerequisite: Feros: Geth Attack (Mass Effect)

Description Edit

Antida is a standard hydrogen-helium gas giant. Its atmosphere is darkened by traces of sodium. It is one of relatively few planets known with an orbital period of more than a millennium.

Survey Text Edit

“Scans of Antida revealed a group of defunct turrets orbiting the planet. The recon team carefully retrieved one of the turrets and brought it on board. Tali dismantled the weapon and found it was marked with a Carthaan Outpost insignia.”

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Trivia Edit

  • Antida is too small to be a "standard hydrogen-helium gas giant" (William Hubbard, The New Solar System 4th ed, 1999; p. 194).
  • Antida orbits at 1.701 times the distance of warm-side-of-temperate Almarcrux, closer than the relative orbits of Mars and the Earth (1.93 AU). In addition to solar radiation, the system cannot be older than 10 million years. Antida is likely a superterrestrial protoplanet.
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