Location: Milky WayMaroon SeaMatano System Third planet

Prerequisite: Feros: Geth Attack (Mass Effect)

Description Edit

A craggy world of igneous and basaltic mountains, Apo is wracked by constant geologic activity. While volcanic hotspots are rare, continental plates are constantly piling up new mountains, subducting old ones, or causing slips along transform faults.

Apo has a dense atmosphere composed of nitrogen and carbon monoxide. Due to the constant earthquakes and landslide activity, surface exploration is not advised. The rubble-covered wrecks of a half-dozen expeditionary ships stand in mute testament to the planet's instability.

Trivia Edit

  • All planets in the Matano System are named after deities of Inca mythology. Apo is the Inca god of mountains.
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