April is a colonist in Fehl Prime in 2185, and the daughter of Christine. She is a very lively little girl who idolizes the Systems Alliance Marines. She is greatly in awe of Lieutenant James Vega and worships him, their relationship almost one of brother and sister. Occasionally she pretends to be a marine by putting on James's combat helmet.

One time, during the defense cannon installation, April comes to meet Vega with her mother. She snaps him a military salute and pretends to be a professional. Vega presents her with a badge for her to wear. April good-naturedly accuses Vega for staring at Treeya a little differently from others after he greets her. Vega is taken aback at this but saves the situation by hoisting up onto his shoulders and telling her to perform as a lookout for bad guys. April merrily complies, imagining herself as a true private of the Alliance. She then asks about the big gun the Alliance has put up and Vega promises her that he will use it to keep the colony safe.

When the Collectors attack the colony, April and Christine are paralyzed by the Seeker Swarms. Delta Squad is forced to watch and let the Collectors carry them away to their ship.

Later, when Delta Squad infiltrates the Collector ship and releases the antidote from the processing plant, April reawakens along with the other colonists. She never gives up hope on Vega, believing firmly that he would come and save them. She even contacts Vega on the comm using Toni's omni-tool, telling him to come and save them and that she will always believe in him. Unfortunately, Vega has to make a difficult choice and the one he makes causes the death of April and the other colonists as the Collector ship crashes onto the planet surface before the colonists are evacuated.

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