ME3 Arc Grenade Arc Grenade is a grenade power in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode.

Power Ranks Edit

Rank 1: Arc Grenade Edit

Stun and electrocute your enemies with an EMP-packed grenade.

Effective against shields and barriers.

  • Damage: 400
  • Radius: 8 m (6 m N7 Demolisher)

Rank 2: Max Grenades Edit

Increase grenade capacity by 1.

Rank 3: Damage Edit

Increase damage by 20%.

  • Damage: 480
  • Radius: 8 m (6 m N7 Demolisher)

Rank 4: Damage/Radius Edit


Increase damage by 30%.

  • Damage: 600
  • Radius: 8m (6 m N7 Demolisher)


Increase radius by 30%.

  • Damage: 480
  • Radius: 10.40 m (7.80 m N7 Demolisher)

Rank 5: Max Grenades/Electrical Damage Edit

Max Grenades

Increase grenade capacity by 1.

Electrical Damage

Add an electrical effect that does 40% additional damage over 10 seconds.

Rank 6: Armor-Piercing/Shield Overload Edit


Increase damage to armor by 75%.

Shield Overload

Increases damage to shields and barriers by 75%.

Player Notes Edit

Note: Arc Grenade does 2x damage against shields and barriers.[1]

  • Grenade powers do not have a recharge time and, thus, can be used immediately at any time, provided grenades are available. Using the power consumes one grenade each time.
  • If the player has multiple grenade powers, the grenade pool is shared between them.
  • The grenades detonate on contact with any surface and, as such, cannot be bounced.
  • The blast from Arc Grenade will go through walls, floors, and cover.
  • This grenade is best used against geth, as it is very effective at stripping shields.
  • When evolved to do 75% extra damage against shields and barriers, and to do maximum damage as well, these grenades become extraordinarily effective at stripping the shields from Atlases and Geth Primes, and the barriers from Banshees.
    • Conversely, when evolved for armor damage, the Arc Grenade becomes one of the most versatile offensive powers in the game, capable of severely damaging every protected enemy in the game.
    • On higher difficulties, the increasing importance of Power Combos for total damage output means that regardless of chosen evolution, Arc Grenades are best when they can set up many maxed-out combos at once or detonate effectively, such as when combined with rank 6 Overload, Incinerate, or Homing Grenade (with rank 6 Split evolution). Therefore maxing out Arc Grenades at the expense of other complementary powers may not be effective.
  • When combined with grenade capacity Gear it becomes possible to quickly throw up to eight of these into a group of enemies at once, which should kill all of them or remove any shields that it has.
  • Due to its on-contact explosive nature, Arc Grenade can reveal Geth Hunters more easily than other powers that require a target lock.

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