Description Edit

An innovation of Admiral Daro'Xen, the Arc Pistol is a scaled-down Arc Projector that only requires thermal clips, to solve its power problems. The Arc Pistol uses a nonvisible laser to ionize the air and create a path for a high-ampere electric shock. For a more damaging blast, it can be charged up.

Acquisition Edit

The Arc Pistol can be found during the mission Priority: Geth Dreadnought: Tali or Xen will set it down for Shepard to take. (It is also purchasable from Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies post-mission if it was missed.)

Player Notes Edit

  • The Arc Pistol carries a large amount of ammunition given its potential power, but charged shots consume up to 3 rounds at a time.
  • The Arc Pistol is very versatile; it can be used like a semi-automatic weapon boasting the same rate of fire as the M-3 Predator. When used as a charged weapon, it is just as damaging as some of the more powerful heavy pistols like the M-6 Carnifex, or the M-77 Paladin.
  • Ammo capacity makes this weapon useful for long term engagements.
  • The biggest weakness with the Arc Pistol is the trade-off when using it one way or the other. When using it in its rapid-fire state it lacks the power to be competitive on harder difficulties, but when charged on a consistent basis, it is slower than any other pistol.
  • It is also fairly heavy for a pistol. In effect, it's not unlike carrying both a Predator and a slower-firing Carnifex with a shared ammo pool. However, it is lighter than the Carnifex, and both the primary fire and the charged shot do more damage than the Predator and Carnifex respectively.
  • Unlike the Arc Projector, shots will not "jump" to multiple targets.
  • In Single Player, you can exploit the power screen for sure hits with the Arc Pistol (as well as any other charged weapon). What you do is charge the weapon to its fullest, then hold the button that initiates the power screen. This effectively pauses the game, as well as enemy movement, while allowing you to move your pointer. Thus, you can easily line up destructive head-shots, as long as the enemy does not have total cover against you. Note: This is not possible on PS3.
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