Archuk is the leader of a squad of Blood Pack mercenaries who attack the human mining colony of Fehl Prime in 2183. He is absolutely ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. He is also a highly skilled warrior and loves challenges thrown at him on the battlefield.

Archuk's plan of siege on the colony is brutal and efficient. Knowing his Blood Pack has superior firepower at their disposal, he uses them to the fullest to pound the colony's kinetic barriers. He fearlessly stands atop a promontory in the clear view of the colonists, hence mocking their feeble attempts to defend themselves. When Brood, his second-in-command, destroys the kinetic barriers with a powerful bomb, Archuk gives the order to charge the colonists' positions.

The Alliance's arrival distracts Archuk from his objective and all the ground cars are destroyed by the Kodiak drop shuttles. Furious, Archuk fires missiles at the shuttles and two of them are downed while the third one is damaged and makes a crash landing. Archuk orders his vorcha to commence search and destroy operations.

During the Alliance counter-assault, James Vega distracts Archuk by openly challenging him to a duel. Archuk accepts without hesitation and the two of them duel till Archuk gets the upper hand and has Vega at his mercy. As Archuk is about to kill his worthy opponent, his head is blown off by Milque's sniper rifle.

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