Arcturus is a type K1.5 IIIpe red giant star located in the constellation of Boötes and, seen from Earth, is the fourth brightest star in the night sky. When the Charon Relay was activated in 2149, Jon Grissom's exploratory team found that the relay led to Arcturus, 36 light years from Earth. Arcturus in turn had several other mass relays in close proximity, which enabled humanity's rapid expansion into space.

Arcturus is from the generation of stars born before Sol. Its worlds are either gas giants (in this case, Themis) or ice chunks. While some rocky debris exists, metals are rare, and tend toward lighter elements.

Arcturus' origin is also unique. It is actually from the galactic halo, one of a cluster of 52 stars that are "crashing through" the disc of the galaxy. In a billion years, Arcturus will be sailing through the depths of extragalactic dark space.

Mass relay Edit

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Alcyoneus Edit

Alcyoneus is an asteroid orbiting the star Arcturus.

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Arcturus Station Edit

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Eirene Edit

Eirene is the second planet orbiting the star Arcturus.

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Eunomia Edit

Eunomia is the third planet orbiting the star Arcturus.

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Themis Edit

Themis is the first planet orbiting the star Arcturus.

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