The command center in Aria's bunker

Aria's Bunker is a location on Omega's D-Deck. During Aria T'Loak's campaign to liberate Omega from Cerberus occupation forces led by Oleg Petrovsky, the bunker serves as Aria's headquarters. It is stocked with ample provisions, relies on a power source independent from the rest of Omega, possesses formidable defenses and a secret hangar bay, and provides access to key areas of the station through a network of secret tunnels and passages. It also features an armor locker and weapons bench, and later Harrot re-opens his emporium there.

Once General Petrovsky overhears Aria mention the bunker's location, he sends wave after wave of Cerberus troops to capture it. They are initially held at bay by exterior defense turrets, but while Aria recruits the Talons to her cause, the bunker's main entrance is compromised and sealed off. Aria and her troops vacate the bunker via the access tunnels in order to mount the final assault on the Cerberus-held Afterlife Club to confront Petrovsky.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Inside Aria's Bunker, an asari can be heard communicating with a character named Ruck, who is lost within Cerberus-controlled territory. A character of the same name and who is also lost within hostile territory appears in BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins.
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