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An armory license will automatically allow the shipboard Normandy Requisitions Officer to have access to supplies made by the company or manufacturer that owns the rights to the license. They can be purchased with credits from vendors across the galaxy.

Though his stock is random, the more licenses you own, the more varied his available items for purchase tend to be. It appears as though each license is allocated an amount of additional stock, and so even though more licenses are available, they do not detract from the chance of stock covered by a different manufacturer's license from appearing.

There are fourteen licenses in total, and all but two can be purchased from various merchants and vendors in the Citadel. Five licenses are available when you first begin a new game, an additional five become available at level 18, and the last four licenses become available at level 36. The Normandy Requisitions Officer already has access to Hahne-Kedar goods from the start, and unlocking the Rich achievement will give him access to Spectre - Master Gear at quality VII (leveling up to Level 50 will grant him access to the superior gear at quality X) on all further playthroughs, regardless if the character is new or not.

Note: Purchased licenses do not carry through to any new characters created; you will have to re-purchase them each time you play.

License Information[]

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Manufacturer Unlock Level Licence Cost License Vendor
Aldrin Labs 1 100 C-Sec Requisitions Officer
Elanus Risk Control 1 100 Morlan, Commander Rentola
Elkoss Combine 1 100 Expat, Opold
Hahne-Kedar 1 Free Normandy Requisitions Officer
Sirta Foundation 1 100 Delan, Petozi, Commander Rentola (*)
Ariake Technologies 18 6250 C-Sec Requisitions Officer, Commander Rentola (*)
Armali Council 18 6250 Commander Rentola, Nassana Dantius (†)
Devlon Industries 18 6250 Delan
Haliat Armory 18 6250 Ledra
Rosenkov Materials 18 6250 Opold
Armax Arsenal 36 30000 Expat
Geth Armory 36 30000 Morlan
Kassa Fabrication 36 30000 C-Sec Requisitions Officer, Petozi
Serrice Council 36 30000 Delan, Commander Rentola (*)
Spectre - Master Gear 1 Special "Rich" Achievement (**)

(*) Note: Only if you rescued Captain Kirrahe from Virmire.

(**) Note: In Legendary Edition there is no Rich Achievement. The gear will become available after you've completed Virmire.

(†) Note: This license may or may not be acquired depending upon the conversation choice with Nassana Dantius during the UNC: Asari Diplomacy assignment.