Location: Milky Way / Caleston Rift / Aysur System / Dranen

Prerequisite: Leviathan: Find Garneau (Mass Effect 3)

Description[edit | edit source]

Arvuna, a moon of Dranen, is classified as a water world because oceans or ice cover 90% of its surface. Besides prodigious sea life, Arvuna is home to a host of venomous arthropodal pests in the tropical zone with metallic carapaces similar to those found on Palaven to resist radiation coming from Dranen's magnetosphere. There are several well-shielded human colonies on Arvuna, although they are alienated from the Council and politically insignificant to the Traverse and Terminus Systems.

The Reapers have yet to reach Arvuna, concentrating instead on the Balor system. While this cuts Arvuna off from the cluster's mass relay, it is at least some evidence that the Reapers cannot be everywhere at once.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer map Firebase Hydra is located on Arvuna.
  • Arvuna was originally slated to appear in Mass Effect 2 and is listed in the official game guide, but was removed from the game prior to release.
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