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The Asari are the most widespread, powerful, and respected sentient species. This is due, in part, to them being the first species, after the Protheans, to achieve interstellar flight, (to discover and learn how to use the Citadel) and their position as a founding member species of the Citadel Council.


A typical Asari individual has a blue and/or green complexion. In the place of head hair, they possess wavy folds of sculpted skin. The Asari are the closest species aesthetically to humans. Though their appearance is typically similar to that of a female by human standards, Asari are non-gender specific, meaning they have no concept of gender differences.


The Asari have no government, per se. Policy is decided through the ebb and flow of public opinion in a sprawling but well-organized electronic democracy. The closest analogue to an executive decision-making body is the opinion of the Matriarchs. In a crisis, the public turns to the experience of these millennia-old "wise women" for advice.


The Asari possess the largest single economy in the galaxy. They have extensive trade and social contacts. Craft guilds, such as those within the cities Serrice and Armali, hold a virtual monopoly on advanced biotic technology. Given their political influence, an embargo by the Asari would prove disastrous to the Alliance.


Because of their long lifespan, Asari are more comfortable with observation and study than immediate action. In diplomacy, this manifests in a tendency to centrism. The Asari seek to maintain stable balances of economic, political, and military power. They prefer to work their will through cultural influence. They believe that their ideals and beliefs will inevitably shape the general galactic culture.


The unique Asari reproductive system naturally inclines them to biotic abilities. In fact, lack of biotic ability will exempt a young asari from military service. Asari biotic commandos are more powerful than the best human adepts, and possess skills they cannot emulate.


When Asari reproduce they can copulate with any partner from any species or sex. Although Asari are technically female with breasts and a womb to carry and care for their young they use their own genetic material. The connection needed for reproduction is mental instead of physical. This is why the other partner can be of either sex. It is not known if there are any safety measures within the Asari mind that can prevent childbirth once a union has occurred. The Asari view two of their own kind having a child as a negative action. As new experiences and sensations are gained when an Asari reproduces with someone outside their species the information is passed onto the child. But when two Asari reproduce nothing new has been gained. These children are called Purebloods and this term is a great insult among the Asari.


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