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Asari Clones are asari commandos extruded by the Thorian. Unlike most asari, they are green-skinned. They are used by the Thorian not only for defense but to communicate with outsiders like Commander Shepard, because the Thorian cannot speak except through its thralls.

Oddly, given the fact they are created inside the Thorian, each Clone emerges dressed in the brownish uniform common to all commandos, and armed with a shotgun.

The Clones were created from Shiala, a powerful biotic who followed Matriarch Benezia and later Saren Arterius, after she fell under indoctrination and joined his cause.

Shiala was given to the Thorian as part of a trade Saren made with the creature, in exchange for the Prothean Cipher. Shiala melded with the Thorian to gain the Cipher, and then remained part of it until Shepard confronted the Thorian and freed her.


  • The Clones' main offensive is their powerful biotics, which can knock squad members over and leave them vulnerable to the Thorian Creepers' acid attack. Use Damping to prevent the Clones from using their biotics, and stay in cover to avoid their attacks.
  • The Clone's shotgun can be lethal especially on higher difficulty settings; use Sabotage to disable it.
  • Neural Shock and Warp help get past the Clone's robust shields.
  • Because of the structure of the building, if the Clone is close to the edge of the platform, a strong enough Throw will knock the Clone off the edge for an instant kill. The same works for Shepard, so it's recommended to stay away from the edges.
  • Despite the fact they are created by the Thorian, the Clones are not instantly killed by anti-Thorian gas grenades. It is therefore advisable to save the grenades for Thorian Creepers.