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Disambiguous.png This article is about the enemy called Asari Commando in Mass Effect. For Asari Commandos in general, see Asari Commando. For the skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Asari Commando (skill).

Asari Commandos are powerful asari biotics that accompany Matriarch Benezia on her mission to Noveria. They caused quite a stir among the younger male employees of several corporations when they arrived on the planet.

During Shepard's mission to investigate geth activities on Noveria, the Commander can learn that Benezia had a number of Commandos accompany her when she arrived. While their weapons were confiscated, they still have their floatable biotic powers.

After Shepard manages to get to Peak 15, Benezia's Commandos encounter the Commander at least once, when Shepard confronts Benezia after she forcibly extracts the information about the Mu Relay from the Rachni Queen. The Commandos will engage Shepard in waves in order to try and kill the Commander, but ultimately fail in their attempt.

If Shepard decides to make the cure for Dr. Zev Cohen, the Commander will run across another Commando accompanying Alestia Iallis.


Asari Commandos are some of the toughest organic foes in Mass Effect. Equipped with barriers, armor, high health and lethal biotic abilities, they also seem to improve the abilities of nearby units in a similar fashion to Geth Primes.

  • For the fight with Benezia, which is probably the buggiest fight in Mass Effect, you will have to move to a defensible area and pick them off at range while you avoid their biotic attacks. They will try to disable you with biotics and then close the distance to finish you with their guns, so make sure to take them down before they get the chance.
  • For the encounter with Alestia Iallis, remember that an Asari Commando is also in the room, and so are two Geth Troopers. While the Troopers are somewhat of a threat, it's Iallis and the Commando you need to worry about. Since you are in a very confined space, you have to act quickly to take them down. Consider talents like Throw, Lift, or Singularity to tie her up and then finish her off before she has a chance to use her abilities.
  • Their armor makes Commandos highly resistant to melee attacks and they will not be knocked down or take much damage from melees, even if melee damage augmentations are equipped.