For the Asari Sentinel in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, see Asari Valkyrie Sentinel.

Tactical defense expert, with tech armor and a versatile power set.

A former asari commando, the Asari Sentinel joined APEX to escape some of the... less-pleasant things she experienced while serving in her commando unit.

Skills and stats Edit

Player Notes Edit

General Notes Edit

Kett Edit

  • Although only Destined and Anointed use shields, they can both be very deadly, making Energy Drain a useful, if limited, power.
  • Throw can be very effective against Wraiths, which tend to swarm players. Hitting them from far away before they can cloak assures that they will not take players by surprise.
  • Due to the kett's tendencies to cluster together, Tech Combos from Energy Drain and Throw are very effective.

Outlaw Edit

  • Due to the Outlaws infrequent use of shields and the fact that many enemies are armored, the Asari Sentinel will struggle the most against this faction.
  • Backlash can easily deflect Sharpshooters' shots, as right before they fire, a laser will shine on the player and a distinctive sound can be heard. Additionally, since it is only one shot, Backlash's cool down will be very quick.
  • Berserkers and Hydras like to use explosives, which will instantly break Backlash. It is not recommended to use this power if they are nearby.

Remnant Edit

  • Since Remnant use explosives infrequently and Breachers are the only enemy type that does not tend to fight at long-range, Backlash is extremely effective.
  • Energy Drain is very useful, as all Remnant enemies are synthetic and thus take bonus damage. With the rank 5 Extended Drain upgrade, Energy Drain followed by Throw can deal a lot of damage to many enemies at once through tech combos.

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