Assault Captains are Cerberus officers who lead squads of Assault Troopers into battle. Randall Ezno encounters him on the Barn space station during his escape.

Tactics Edit

  • Assault captains have considerable health and possess a strong layer of shielding. Their shielding will regenerate over time.
  • Assault Captains will often take cover during the firefight, and tend not to come out unless you're in their line of sight. This allows you to wait out behind cover for your powers to recharge without being disturbed. If necessary, using Pull will flush them out of cover.
  • Like other humanoid enemies in the game, assault captains are vulnerable to headshots, which inflict bonus damage on them.
  • Like regular assault troopers, assault captains possess jetpacks, allowing them to quickly get into the effective range of their Eviscerator shotguns. While they're in flight, using Pull can interrupt them.

Trivia Edit

  • This enemy is only encountered once in the game and possesses the same outfit as Trooper and Assault Trooper.
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