Disambiguous This article is about the drones in Mass Effect 2. For Advanced drones in Mass Effect, see Advanced Assault Drone. For geth drones in Mass Effect, see Geth Assault Drone.
Assault Drones are autonomous drones that are used to guard areas against hostile incursions.



Assault Drones are armed with mass accelerator machine guns. Drones do not seek cover, are very maneouvrable and can easily reposition to flank an opposing force.


Assault Drones only possess moderate amount of kinetic shielding for protection. They're easily destroyed once that shielding is depleted.

Tactics Edit

  • Because Assault Drones only possess shields, using powers and weapons that damage shields quickly are recommended. Powers like Overload and Disruptor Ammo that are good at ripping apart shields are great weapons against these flying enemies.
  • Due to being flying enemies, they are immune to kinetic biotic powers like Throw. If you're going against them, be sure to bring along a tech expert if you aren't one yourself.
  • Because Assault Drones attack in swarms and are highly maneuverable, take caution of their tendency to flank you. As this happens and you find yourself in need of new cover, be wary of any additional reinforcements that might follow.
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